Essay Sample on 2020 MCC International Fellowship to Greece

Published: 2023-03-07
Essay Sample on 2020 MCC International Fellowship to Greece
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For the last three months, I have joined my class in preparation for the MCC International Fellowship, which is scheduled in June 2020 in Greece. I am genuinely interested in tour and travel as evident in the numerous trips I have organized in the Tours Club at the university as well as my career development in physical therapy which indicates the reason why I was given an opportunity to participate in the event. During my previous experiences in travel activities, I have met numerous diverse people that have expounded my interests in travel. As part of the requirements to participate in the event the school has prepared us with various skills incorporated in our curriculum. The lectures provided have introduced us to the basics in the history and culture of Greece as well as honing us with physical strengthening exercises to improve our toughness in withstanding different environments.

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Additionally, the tutorship incorporates various team-building exercises to make us engage with one another as well as with new people in the event of the fellowship. The lectures also included basics in the Greek language to facilitate better communication with the locals despite the assurance of interpreters. Such exposure to the ways of the Greece people has ensured the elimination of a culture shock that may result in case someone gets to a new society with different forms of practice. As such, I am confident that I will get an easy time to participate in the international event and come out with much knowledge both in the culture of the Greek people as well as other societies who will participate in the contest.

During the MCC International Fellowship, I expect to utilize the learned skills as well as my personal experiences to interact with participants and share numerous experiences positively. Moving to Greece for two weeks will be a hallmark in my academic and personal life. Besides interacting with fellow students at the Hellen American University, we will also attend various museums, history and cultural centres within Greece. Some of the excursions anticipated in the trip include a visit to the Acropolis Hill, attendance of the Roman Forum, and attend the local theatre for a lesson in traditional Greek dance. Additionally, the trip's itinerary involves the participation of a trip to the ancient Greek villages where various archaeological sites and the Greek Island will be experienced. As part of the program, the participants will engage in learning activities of the ways of the Greek people and subsequently participate in various community-based projects with the local members of the society.

After my experience at the 2020 International Fellowship in Greece, I anticipate learning various skills that will influence both my career and personal development. As a physical therapist student and flexibility worker, the trip will expose to numerous opportunities to enhance my physical and mental capabilities. The walking tours to the Acropolis Hills will deliver critical skills in group participations while challenging physical activities. Climbing a mountain not only pose as a tedious physical challenge but also a mental tumult and an avenue to interact with others during strenuous activities where people rely on their team members to succeed. Additionally, participating in the numerous activities instituted in the program will allow fostering functional interactions with people from diverse cultures, which will improve the capabilities to associate with people at a global arena. Bearing my abilities in associating with my peers during tour and travel activities as well as flexibility exercises with the older people have enabled my proper understanding with people from all walks of life. Additionally, I am open-minded which allow grasping and internalization of numerous capabilities as well as a learning enthusiast.

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