Interactions of 3D Cooperation With the People and the Environment. Free Essay

Published: 2023-02-16
Interactions of 3D Cooperation With the People and the Environment. Free Essay
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The system is to store millions of big data of information in one single unit that does not require more space. The technology is also characterized by the use of the paperless principle and does n get rid of paper which is quite expensive and contributes to environmental pollution. Environmental pollution has become one of the most challenges to organizational productivity and sustainability and currently it is the primary responsibility to its environment from pollution and degradation to sustain its productivity level and standards.

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Risks or challenges associated with the 3D Cooperation adoption technology

Regardless of the 3D cooperation technology having credible benefits and competitive advantage every the existing technology, it has several risks associated with the 3D technological innovations in the course of its operation. Some of the risk that most organization is the increasing risks of cybercrime which is gaining more roots into the society and advancing its powerful mechanism and becoming a more difficult deal with. According to Jang, (2017). cybercrime activity is the process of accessing personal and private data. When this happens successfully, the company or organization to lose its ownership. It is therefore important the company that adopts the 3D technology to put in place security mechanism to safeguard the system from cybercrime. Financial constraints and challenges are also the problems when it comes to the process of acquiring the software with its continuous update of the system make it difficult for the beginners are not able to sustain and keep the cost of maintaining the technology.

Cost and Physical and Technological requirements.

The recommended 3D cooperation technology requires technical and physical resources which needs capital to be available. Physical resource tangible assets organization needs to put in place such area network connectivity and the building where power back-up such generators will be located to enable continuously. similarly, the technical resource is necessary are both virtual and physical resource an organization needs to structure effectively and every time system update it requires new phases of technical resource such as skilled labor (Houvener, & Pratte, 2016). The technical requirements in most cases involve 3D spatial services which comprise of ICT experts and IT infrastructure which enables the company to protect its system and protect it from cybercrime fraud.

Benefits of 3D Cooperation System


3D is an excellent innovation as it strengthens the position of the company in the market. It also adds value in how the company performs in the market. Because the primary competence of the company is to provide high-quality innovations, provision of an effective solution in the manufacturing industry, and implementation of very sustainable businesses, this will result in making the company very distinctive in the market among the other competitors and in turn attract more customers (Santos et al., 2018).

Incorporation of 3D technology with cloud technology will enable the company to project on the trends in the market, monitor the international trends and also effectively manage its competitive environs. The 3D technology has an incorporated culture that can make appropriate changes that are in a position to successfully help to incorporate other technologies with ease and ensuring that they are aligned with the core values of the company. This system significantly with great dependence on the growth of innovation.

This system builds a good reputable human pool by empowering talents. It also has commitments through the promotion of staff loyalty and commitment, this will in turn help to reduce the cases of talent gaps through the limitation of turnover. Also, the 3D system enables the drawing of 2D projects directly, and also their modification is relatively cheap. Its approach is incredible and has served as a benchmark and an inspiration to many clients. This because of its ability to clearly show the physical measurement of the object concerning their distance, this helps clients to adjust the arrangements of the objects to fit their desired objectives.


In conclusion, the 3D cooperation technological system is currently gaining its dominance and becoming the organizational main domain and being described as an integral part of companies' performances since it is technologically centered. This is because the technology has high capability of driving the entire operation and controlling a lot of processes in the firm using the robotic program technique which enables the company that has adopted the 3D technology system to align its process effectively to allow other processes to run effectively using automatic system and thus enable the company or organization to generate more income through massive and production of goods and provision of service and hence making the company to gain more from the advantage of being reliable and effective and takes the control of the market.

Apart from the features mentioned and what the recommended technology can achieve, the innovation faces risk and challenges such increasing risks of cybercrime which is gaining more roots into the society and advancing it powerful mechanism and becoming more difficult deal with which is the activation process of accessing personal and private data and the company might end up losing critical data information such production intellectual rights and ownership rights (Kinoshita et al.,2015). But when the company develop security framework safeguard before adopting the 3D cooperation technology which is superior and operates at low cost of production with increased level of production in a company will act as its competitive advantage over the existing businesses competitors that produce or provide same product and services respectively and thus enables retain and sustain its dominance on the market.


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