My Initial Reaction in Finding Out My Top Five Strengths

Published: 2019-11-28
My Initial Reaction in Finding Out My Top Five Strengths
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The StrengthsFinder assessment was a nice tool and an interesting survey for me. After seeing the Quiz results, I realized who I am. I feel I am a hard worker seeking to reach my goal. Matching and identifying my strengths will enabled me to perform better by providing me with a sense of engagement and energy, to show high performance levels. I will now focus on doing what I am good at instead of doing only what I am capable of doing. The questions however did not have enough choices as I only opted for the answers which were close to myself. On may look not to agree with the options fully and by choosing the one that is close to you, the results may be accurate. It was a very precise assessment with only 10 questions for a small span.

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How My Strengths Relate to My leadership Styles as a manager


My restorative strengths will be instrumental in analyzing problems and finding solutions. Thus, when with things that require improvement, I will investigate and solve to improve and fix the issues. As a manager, the restorative strengths are generative. I will have to find what is not working, guide people, seek resolution and increase functionality.


By having strategic skills I am able to make decisions easily and quickly by way of sorting through the clutter, determining the best way forward and avoiding obstacles. As a manager I will motivated to make best decision that will influence the organization positively by assessing a given situation, finding the possible options and finally making decision that suits the best option. By being able to break up indecision, giving up will not be an option, instead I will be able to come up with a decision that best suit the strategic nature of the organization.


With the strength of activator I will be able to make things happen by turning concepts, ideas and thoughts into action. As a manager I will be able to influence employees by giving them tremendous energy, motivation and personal drive of caring out different tasks. Besides I will be able to generate revolutionary and new ways of caring out things.


My strength of responsibility will allow me to take psychological ownership for everything I do to complete tasks and projects with high quality level. By upholding personal values on my work I will be able to uphold high quality and efficiency levels as a manager. Besides, responsibility as a strength will allow me to develop a team that is effective in producing high quality results and products for the company.


Through my strength of relator, I have a rational capacity of developing a relationship with any individual. As a manager, this will enable me to create the best environment for my team that leads to trust and honest relationship.

The traits I need to Work on as a Leader

Trust and Values

As a leader I will need to have trust and values, which hinges on integrity. I will have to display a true and genuine character that cannot harm my organization. By building trust, I will be able to employees who are very loyal.

Ability to Learn and Admit my Weaknesses and Failures

I need to face it as nobody is perfect, and in every persons life, people have made mistakes. The key to success is to learn from my mistakes and not avoiding failing. Communicating my mistakes to my team may be another trait that I need to have as a leader.

The traits that I anticipate to use in College and Future Career

The restorative and strategic and responsibility strengths are the ones I look to use in my career and my life while still in college. These strengths will allow me to create the best environment for my team and organizational performance.

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