Personal Statement Essay Sample

Published: 2018-03-19
Personal Statement Essay Sample
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From a very tender age, I recollect visiting my pediatrician in the company of my mother for my regular checkups and trifling childhood sickness. I shared a bond with the physician that was characterized by comfort and trust. He knew everything about my health and seemed to have every solution to my life problems, as few as they were. This experience drove me to become aware of the physicians’ role in understanding the anxiety of their fellow human beings while handling cases that involve the emotions of others, including affected families and the larger society. That is when I knew that I did not only want to play doctor with a toy stethoscope, but also to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

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During my clinic rotations at the Asthma and Tuberculosis Clinic, I worked with diverse patients drawn from different cultural, social, and economic backgrounds, who suffered from a variety of conditions. Even as I mastered the skills of recording patient histories and performing meticulous physical examinations, every individual patient presented a new insight for me. Similarly, I had the opportunity to conduct medical and dental screenings at the University of Connecticut Health Center’s Migrant Farm Worker’s Clinic where actively involved myself in ward duties and addressed the concerns of many inquisitive patients. The enthusiasm and smiling faces of the people I interacted with were my reward at the end of each day. I possess the innate notion that my calling is not only a career passion, but also a humanitarian one, which will form the basis of my actions.

Throughout my learning and working experience, I have witnessed sensitive and emotional problems that affect people. Being creative, I have designed and taught immunology and transplantation immunology programs to undergraduate and graduate students to tackle the issues. I have done this in collaboration with colleagues, since I believe that brainstorming in a team is the best way to find solutions. I have always encouraged my mentees to be team players, a principle that I apply myself, especially given that the medical sphere is always evolving while new challenges crop up every single day.

Consequently, I have to say that, while it is my dream to practice medicine and uplift the health standards of the global community, I also aspire to collaborate with, and learn from experts in the field. Whereas I have had the chance to work in various organizations, I desire to learn in a competitive setting that will challenge me to grow further. Your residency program that has a team of competent and acclaimed instructors has always produced brilliant professionals. I have the strong belief that your it will provide me the optimal foundation to achieve my life and career goals.

Offered the chance to undergo residency at your institution, I believe I will obtain the skill to practice in any challenging environment, considering my passion and zeal, which have been the distinctive aspects of my work and life. Besides my academic prowess and significant experience reflecting my desire to alleviate the suffering of others, I also possess the perceptive belief that a robust learning base is essential to my cause. Thus, I believe that your residency program will provide me with the hands-on knowledge and skills to not only be the best in the field, but also a priceless educator as I aspire to pass on my knowledge to young professionals in the future.

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