Institutional Affiliation Reflection Paper

Published: 2023-01-10
Institutional Affiliation Reflection Paper
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In this topic of law enforcement, the courts and the correctional system in direct relation with the Biblical Principles with the concern of this course is that the issue is very crucial in the daily living of an individual. For instance, my perception towards law enforcement is that the police officers who are responsible for keeping law and order to the people of the nation. Another example would be that the court system is there to determine the proof of guilty and the presumption of innocence which determines the type of the judgement to be given to an individual (Bohm, R, 2011). And more the correctional system is there to help keep off the crime offenders and informs any individual that has plans for crimes about the associated consequences. Therefore when viewing this about Biblical principles, that its clearly stated in the Bible to maintain law and order and have mutual respect towards authorities.

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Basing on my perception, I do not feel that I have changed any of the three subsections of criminal justice. That is because I had understood the subsystems well before and therefore I had prior knowledge. Thus the bases of my beliefs do not alter the structure of either of the subsystems (Walker, S 1980). For example in the law enforcement system, I always view that a right deed is right and the wrong action is wrong. Therefore the police officers have the right to arrest a person if the person is not following what is considered as a right by law. Therefore wrongdoing should be subjected to punishment as per the justice decision by courts.

Therefore my perception is strongly inclined to the truth. An example would be, all human beings have a sense that doing a particular thing can result in prosecution (Phillips, C., Brown, D., James, Z., & Goodrich, P, 1998). Therefore in the law justice system, it is right to say that human beings are prone to making mistakes where there might be circumstances of the police arresting the wrong person. Hence the court system will it will have to declare the guilty person free rather than convicting and punishing the innocent person. For instance, my perception is based on truth such that law enforcement system is required to keep law and order and ensure equality (Inciardi, J, 1996). That is justice is concerned with fairness regardless of the position of the person, money and the relationship with the judges. Therefore, the court systems apply the general equity of all people.


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