Paper Example. Opinion Article for a Newspaper

Published: 2023-05-18
Paper Example. Opinion Article for a Newspaper
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The current enhancement in technology has given rise to widespread information being published on social media platforms. Some tech giants such as Facebook and Alibaba are doing their best to fight the online spread of harmful content through their platforms. Both companies rely on its various users to flag such content and then utilizes an army of real humans to control and monitor such content within 24 hours to enable the companies to determine if the content violates the terms of its use. The companies have developed technologies that monitor textual content and analyze videos and images by application of algorithms that detect offensive images posted public that is no-consensual. The approaches adopted to fight the spread of fake news are blocking the content outright where Facebook has done it by banning white supremacist content, and another approach is the provision of alternative information to replace the fake information for users to get the true and correct content (Kantrowitz, 2016). Alibaba has created an algorithm model known as the rumor shredder, which identifies fake news. The model was developed by Alibaba DAMO Academy scientists. The inventions can remedy the widespread of harmful content on the two social media platforms. Generally, Alibaba and Facebook utilize Artificial Intelligence as it does things beyond the capabilities of human beings in detecting fake and harmful content in their platforms.

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On the part of job creation, the two tech giants, Facebook and Alibaba, have created more jobs compared to the jobs it has destroyed. The job opportunities created by Facebook alone are widespread across various countries, and recently, the company says it has created about 4.5 million jobs worldwide (Gee et al., 2017). The jobs created are not only the 8,000 individuals working at Facebook, but others are developers, social media marketers, and creators of internet equipment (Gee et al., 2017). Alibaba has done the same, creating a lot of jobs than it destroyed. The company has built millions of jobs in its stores found online and service industries around the stores. The direct jobs created by Alibaba is estimated at two million, and indirect jobs are estimated at 12 million (Yenni et al., 2017). The companies have created a new line of workers that were not available before. As various businesses use Facebook to advertise their goods, and Alibaba uses its online store for advertising and selling their products, social media managers have been employed in large numbers. Facebook alone has 189,000 individuals whose work is to promote a brand (Gee et al., 2017).


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