The Five New Forces in Innovation Strategy - Article Review Essay Example

Published: 2022-04-11
The Five New Forces in Innovation Strategy - Article Review Essay Example
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In the context of the article "the five new forces in innovation strategy" contributed by Steve Denning, much of the information attributes to the Drucker Forum 2017 in Vienna which gave proper attention to the functionality and role of a corporate strategy in the evolving world dynamics. In the provision of a particular incident, it implies of how Steve Blank, explains details concerning how CEOs need to handle the five new forces in the innovation strategy. Through the progress of the article, it delivers features concerning varying topics in management that imply on the new drives in innovation strategy (Denning, 2017).

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It begins by offering a systematic innovation through the lean startup approach. In the 20th century, there was the assumption that startups are relatively small occurrences of huge corporations and they should do all the things the big corporations do; however, in the current setting, the big companies are very different to the small industries. In most instances, the big companies are executing public business practices and models, while on the other hand, the startups are looking for the business approaches or models. Since there is no actual methodology for formalizing or realizing new business approaches, Blank helped inspire the Lean Startup approach in the provision of a method. After the intervention, a large number of corporates have adopted the use of the Lean startup approach which is evident through the US Government involvement in the Innovations Corps (I-Corps) and utilized in the Silicon Valley as every startup is doing the Lean Startup.

Additionally, the article delivers more details as stated by Steve Blank in the Drucker Forum. He notes that as an example of companies assuming the Lean Startup include the General Electric (GE) and the Procter and Gamble (P&G). The companies have run into problems as many leaders of innovation and CEO have been fired because of the failures. There may be more details concerning the involvement of the approach concerning the change of firms as Steve points out the various remedies and intervention in its utilization and accomplishment.

With the various information from Steve Blank, the article points out on essential aspects of the innovations strategy. In the analysis, the writing depicts details about the five forces that may be impacting the CEOs or the five new powers in innovation strategy. All through, Blank strives to explain the involvement by using the instances as per what happened as P&G and GE and tries to explain the idea behind the occurrences. The forces are proving a high impact to the corporate executives involved with the innovation strategy.

The first force involves the board expectations. In the details of the board expectation, it provides the explanations as to the involvement of the board in need for innovation in conjunction with the profit and revenue maximization. Secondly, it defines the second force involving competitors. The competitors are a vital sector in the formation of every corporate through its activities. It revolves around the corporate having the ability to understand how its competitors are handling their business together with understanding their market approaches involving innovations. On the other hand, the article adds more information according to Blank including activist investors as the third force in innovation strategy. The energies revolve around the ability of the company to raise the long-term value of the firm and improve innovation altogether. Also, it renders the provision of details concerning the forth fourth which entails disruption. The disruption attains division into two parts which include disrupters being much more extensive and the disrupters deliberately breaking the law. In summary of the provision of the forces, it provides the involvement of disintermediation as a force in innovation strategy.

In the attempt to increase the innovation in the corporates, there is the need to create and follow an innovation pipeline meant to monitor and discover various innovation activities as per the involved changes. For the innovation pipeline, it requires a proper drive with urgency and speed. About the details of the article, when organization lack a formal innovation pipelines process, the project's management is not effective thus may render various challenges especially to the innovation strategies.

The article may provide evaluative in different aspects; however, as a final definition, it includes description concerning the innovation challenge is even more significant especially in the public sector. Through interpretations as given by Steve Blank, many companies and agencies are facing continuous disruptions posing a more substantial consequence to other aspects and industries, for instance, the failure of a government agency may raise impacts to the safety and security of nations. Through the entire description, it provides details relating to leadership in an intelligence agency in defining the terms of innovation on creating new capabilities together with the use of other interventions.

As a response to the concept of the article, different marketing concepts would relate to the corporate image and progress. For innovation purposes, an organizational need to implement ways to satisfy customer needs and requirements, maximize the output and corporate profits, beat the competition and also increase its sales. In proving such interventions; there is importance in ensuring a proper focus on the five new forces in innovation strategies.

Question: How is technology impacting the different approaches to innovation?


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