Essay Example: In Searching of Writing Inspiration

Published: 2017-07-07
Essay Example: In Searching of Writing Inspiration
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I have faced countless experiences living in this busy world where no footstep is silent. As a person of the pen, what I wanted was neither a place nor an object to strike up my imagination into something truly magical. It was nothing.

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Nothingness is bliss. Being absolutely nothing, living in empty vacuum where even the vacuum is nonexistent is a blessing. It is the feeling of total containment without the container. It is being someone without length, without width and without height to restrict. I find inspiration in that essence of life I only dared to admit. It is a wager I hold between I and society. In stillness I find meaning, in emptiness I find being, in nothing I see everything. There is my whole life unfolding before my eyes in nothingness. I see every possibility in every nook and cranny. I imagine the unimaginable and dream of the impossible in my nil solitude. Heck I can draw a Mona Lisa with crooked smile in there. It is freedom.

I went outside for a search of inspiration that dwelt in unfamiliar place. I hiked mountains, smelled the flowers and lied back as I out of the blue determined the shape of the clouds. I did everything I read in blogs and magazines aimed to enlighten the foggy minded on how to write masterpieces. But still, I was lost to find something I knew wasn`t there. So, like any normal person would do I shredded my notebook and formatted my laptop off my agony and just remained. With my hand brewed Americano in my widowed fingers, I drifted off to what I called the `black hole for the recently de-penned`. And for the very first time, I was inspired.

I was inspired by the calmness that resides in nothing, the silence that ruled it all and the beauty darkness couldn`t beat. I was inspired by how simple all those problems were and how insignificant the idea of `being inspired` really was. I was inspired for the life of me with the blank canvas in front of me; screaming words felt. I didn`t need flowers or music. I was full with inspiration in that zilch world of mine.

I never talk about this place I frequent to; because not many people have come to admit that one can be something in nothing. It is not a writer`s block. If I wanted to write, I could have; easily, without having to resort to imagination triggers. But I will never write what a writer should. Without my inspiration, words were words. A writer should write about the ugliest things in the most beautiful way. A writer should write hands tied and pen over the head. And nothingness is a perfect place for that.

In that bliss and blessing, a write gives life with nothing to write with. A writer illuminates over that emptiness to a new spark. Nothingness inspires me with the all the possibilities and nothing makes me complete. When I play dice with the wager and I win, that`s when a masterpiece is born. Because it is a game no one can lose.

So as I grow better in the craft, nothing will also grow. Nothing will contain my failures, harbor my triumphs and remember my roots. But I know that I`ll never look for an inspiration. There is nothing to look.

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