Free Essay about Factors that Influence Human Behaviors and Cognitions

Published: 2022-10-21
Free Essay about Factors that Influence Human Behaviors and Cognitions
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As psychologists, we must fully understand human feelings, behaviors, thoughts and their respective factors that influence human interaction, to enhance and maintain a healthy lifestyle effectively. And as a result, we are truly able to switch flexibly between our perspectives and understand our client's feelings, believes, experiences and intentions (Saul, 2007).

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Human behavior is largely affected by its genetic makeup and the environment surrounding the individual. Usually, an individual will inherit genes that influence the individual to behave in a certain way. This is clearer in identical twins who seem to behave more like each other. In addition, human behavior is highly affected by the environment that one is brought up in. The social norm is one of the aspect of the environment that shape human behavior. The norms guide an individual on what kind of behavior is accepted in a certain society (Charles, 2014). These social norms allow people to behave in a certain way and portrays their attitudes towards certain things. Secondly, the nurture of our home and community influences how people behave. For example, behaviors such as the way we talk, how we react to a certain situation and the language we speak are highly influenced by the environment we are brought up in. Besides, human brain embraces something by doing it repeatedly; thus the time we spend in the same environment practicing the same thing, defines how we think and behave. Therefore, childhood is a very critical stage where mental ability can be altered either positively or negatively. The cognitive ability, allow a child to acquire knowledge and information from the environment. Thus, wrong information from the surrounding would only foretell how the child is likely to behave or why someone behaves in a particular way (Saul, 2007).

The brain also contains neurotransmitters that affect how an individual behaves. Some neurotransmitters are more specific to how one behaves and reason. These include Dopamine, which affects the one's emotion and cognition ability. Secondly, is Glutamate, which is an excitatory neurotransmitter that affects our learning, memory and brain development. Thirdly, is Serotonin that plays a major role in depression, moods, and arousal. Lastly, Norepinephrine that affects how one responds to stress.

Additionally, hormones influence how one behaves at a particular time. Estrogen is one of the hormones that affect our one's memory, emotion jealous and motivation for sex. Testosterone is more inclined to aggression, dominance, and power. Thirdly, is Oxytocin that increases bonding and makes has a positive attitude. Lastly, Vasopressin that improves care and affiliation need among humans. In conclusion, human behavior and cognition are highly affected by the biological and environmental factors surrounding an individual. Therefore, understanding these factors in details helps the psychologist to have a better understanding of people.


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