Diet Analysis Essay Example

Published: 2018-09-05
Diet Analysis Essay Example
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Best Diet Tracking App

Sparkpeople is a diet tracking tool that has been of great importance in tracking the foods that I take for the past two weeks. The tool has been of great help in tracking the foods that I eat and to keep watch on my health. At the beginning of the two-week monitoring process, I used the device to calculate my BMI by entering my height and weight into the tool. Currently, I weigh 128 pounds and my height is 5 feet 5 inches. In order to calculate my BMI, I had to convert my height to meter and weight to kilograms, in this manner, I found out my weight to be 58 pounds and my height to be 1.751 meters. In this case, I found my BMI to be 21.3 and this ranks me as a person with normal weight. I acknowledge the accuracy of the measurement by BMI as it gives the accuracy of the body fat of a person up to 4 percent. The measurement is truthful as I am always on the go and eat light foods most of the time, this gives me the opportunity to control my weight and reduce any cases of obesity.

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Additionally, the Sparkpeople device estimated that I need to maintain intake of at most 2100 calories in order to facilitate the various activities I do in a day and provide enough energy for the body. The normal basal metabolic rate gives me the opportunity to consume a minimum of 2000 calories in order to maintain the current normal weight. In this manner, there dietary requirements are such as 30 grams of fiber every day and I found that I need to improve on the intake of fiber as my current intake of fiber is at 21 grams. I need to increase intake of wholegrain and wholemeal, pulses and brown and wholegrain rice. The reason why I take less of the cereals is that I lack time to have heavy meals I take fast foods in most cases.

I consider myself as a person that tries to maintain a balanced diet and this is evident in the huge diversity of foods that I take. On average, I ensure that I take all the six nutrients although it becomes challenging for me to maintain the required intake of vitamins and minerals. On daily basis I must take fats, proteins fiber, proteins and water, in most cases, it is the proteins and fats that I intake the most followed by carbohydrates then minimal fiber, minerals and vitamins. I usually make sure that I take enough water required for the body. The bulk of nutrients that I take are Carbohydrates, fiber, proteins and fats, this is because of my work that limits the time that I can have to have a good meal with all the nutrients. I realized that I need to maintain a minimum of 900 calories and this requires that I need to boost my protein and carbohydrate intake. This is to provide the energy that I require on daily basis to carry out my duties effectively.

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With regards to my BMI, there are various changes that I need to incorporate in my diet. It is evident that, according to my BMI, that I am approaching the obesity and there is need to reduce the amount of fat intake in my body. In this manner, I need to substitute the high fat intake with roughages and maintain all other nutrients as they are. The changes in the intake of nutrients are crucial in ensuring that I take foods that provide the right energy and at the same time prevent any cases of obesity in me. In this manner, I need to change to a maximum of 209 grams of fat in a day, cholesterol of 200 milligrams in a day, minerals of 1100 milligrams, carbohydrates of 159 grams and fiber of 29 grams per day. It is in this light that there is need to ensure that I maintain the required diet that. I sustain myself with the right foods. I extended what was recommended for me and this is the reason why there I have been able to increase weight despite the fact that I am a very active person for the better part of the days.

Maintaining the recommended intake of nutrients is crucial for proper development and in the provision of the required nutrients that the body requires. Due to the fact that I am a go getter and that I move a lot during the day, I need to take a lot of carbohydrates to provide the required energy for the body and in order to facilitate effective and efficient operation of body parts and organs. However, there is need to strike a balance between the nutrients that the body requires and the energy that needs for the daily operations. This is because high intake of fats might be helpful in the provision of energy but at the same time lead to increased obesity in the individual. Striking about the optimum nutrients that the body requires is of great importance and calls for the calculation of body mass index to help in deciding on the right amount required for the body.

There has been a misconception in the society that people that do tough jobs need to eat a lot of foods, however, nutritionists suggest that knowing one’s BMI helps in making decision regarding the right amount of food for the body without overfeeding or underfeeding. Breakfast plays a crucial role in the body of a person, this is because it provides energy required for the day and therefore, there is need to take vitamins that help in enriching the body in preparation for the tough activities needed to be done. Due to the fact that I acknowledge the importance of digestive processes, I usually ensure that I include fiber in at least one of the daily meals. However, the amount of fiber needs to be regulated to ensure that it is not too much that would affect absorption of nutrients in the body. Finally, I usually put much focus when drinking water after meals, this is because researchers submit that drinking water immediately after eating affects the process of digestion and so people need drink water 30 minutes after taking their meals. The timing is crucial to ensure that the body gets optimum absorption of nutrients to make maximum use of the foods eaten.

The recommended dietary allowance is right for me as it ensures that I take all the elements in a day and in the right proportions. This is of great importance in ensuring that I maintain the normal body weight that can enable me to carry out my duties. I would like to reduce the quantities of fat intake and this is because of the need to reduce accumulation of fact in the body. Furthermore, there is need for me to increase the intake of water vitamins and minerals to ensure that I develop a stable health conditions and eliminate cases of opportunistic diseased occasions by lack the right nutrients in the body.

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