Essay Sample: Improving Organizational Culture

Published: 2022-11-10
Essay Sample: Improving Organizational Culture
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The Solution Group was tasked with assessing the micro-environment concerns of Fig Technologies regarding issues of division among employees based on their sexual orientation and religion. The Solution Group evaluated the two offices of Fig Technologies to determine employee concerns and divisions on religion and sexual orientations. The primary issue is that the employee does not acknowledge Christian holidays or LGBT celebrations. Most employees hold a conservative view that has led to a strain in the working environment. Also, some employees also feel that the company is doing nothing to provide a safe working environment or promote workplace diversity.

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The world is made up of some religions, and they differ considerably in their beliefs and practices. Religion is defined as behaviors, thoughts, and feelings, which comes from the prescribed behaviors, and rituals that come from the search that receive validation from an identifiable group (Bell, 2017). Christians believe in Jesus as the Son of God, they go to church Sundays and have celebrations and holidays such as Charismas and Easter. The Hindus believe in some gods and goddesses and their time is primarily devoted to worship their gods and do yoga. On the other hand, the Islam worships Allah, their God on Fridays in Mosques. These religions make up the major part of employees at Fig Technologies. Even in other traditional mainstream religions, disagreements are common, and it involves orthodoxy and what the people believe in the faith.

Regardless of the religion, it is critical that all employees are respected and valued within the company. It recommended that the company should hire diverse employees and accommodates each of them without bias or discrimination. Delving into the company's policy and allowing employees to take breaks to practice their religious beliefs and practices such as prayer and meditation will be critical for organizational productivity and success. The company also needs to accommodate employees during their religious celebrations and holidays. This will ensure the company act ethically and gain the respect for its employees as one of the most diverse companies. For the employees looking to celebrate their religious holidays, the company needs to accommodate and acknowledge that instead of infringing into their religious rights.

Most religious groups do not commonly accept sexual orientation among the LGBT. Religion affects people's attitude about the way they should react towards the LGBT individuals (Felson, 2011). This makes religion and orientation matters in the working environment a critical issue that needs to be addressed to find common ground for a positive outlook. Therefore, with other religion orientations within the employee's population can lead to biases, discrimination and other divisions within the company. Recent research shows that about 75% of LGBT individuals feel they are discriminated in one way or another within an organization (Felson, 2011).

It is recommended that Fig Technologies needs to change its discrimination policy and hold each employee accountable for not showing professionalism and mutual respect to other employees. Allowing discrimination will reduce employee productivity, employees will not feel safe, and there will be lawsuits because of the company's bad name and reputation. Therefore, it is critical that the company ensure every employee is held on a similar standard without any zero tolerance for discrimination. By building a diversity committee, the company can ensure each policy is met, and mutual respect exists among the managers and the subordinates and employees themselves. The company should also consider using a diversity training based on sexual orientation to enable a good organizational culture that would incorporate individuals from all sexual orientations. This will help build a positive environment within the company where every employee is accepted and respected for who they are.


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