Nursing Essay Example on Improving Lives of Young Adults

Published: 2019-08-28
Nursing Essay Example on Improving Lives of Young Adults
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Nursing is one of the most demanding and challenging profession. It requires hard work and determination for one to enjoy the fruits of the career. However, nursing is a very fulfilling career since it involves improving and adding value to peoples lives. The challenge is even more when working as a community nurse dealing with young adults as clients.

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As a community nurse in my community dealing with young adults, I have a lot to do to help my clients live healthy lives. The youth is the backbone of both the society and country hence it is crucial to make sure they grow towards the right direction. They are also the future of the society hence they need proper guidance and care in their daily lives. As a community nurse, I believe I have a significant role to play in improving the lives of the young adults.

Much of the time as a community nurse is spent in the role as an educator. It is my job to discuss issues with the youth and commend positive behaviors and attitudes. I should also guide them to resources that will promote more decisions and the positive actions. It is also my duty to inform the youth about the necessary changes that must be made to protect personal health as well as that of others. I ensure that there is the primary prevention of diseases and health problems among the youth through education. When working with the youth, I encourage no smoking, moderate drinking, adequate sleep, healthy eating habits, and routine health checkups.

Young adults are usually at a stage of both physical and mental development. There are so many changes occurring inside their bodies and brains as a result of growth towards maturity. Therefore, it is my role as a community nurse to ensure that they maintain appropriate mental and physical health. It is my duty to explore all areas of health protection and promotion. The areas include discussions regarding secondary and primary prevention.

The primary prevention discussions include safe sex practices, stress reduction activities, periodic health examinations, physical activities, leisure activities, and diet and nutrition. Secondary prevention analysis, on the other hand, includes counseling, pelvic exams, self-examination of breasts, and self-examination of testicles. All these discussions go a long way into improving the quality of health and lives of the youth.

It is also crucial as a community nurse to help young adults develop a personal life philosophy. To do that, it involves discussions on the individual life satisfaction which includes spirituality/religion, living according to family/ethnic/cultural expectations, and arriving at a comfortable satisfaction level with life choices. Discussing such matters ensures that the individual has few regrets about life.

It is also my duty as a community nurse to collaborate with stakeholders and community leaders to secure funding, design programs, and lobby for a change of policies and laws governing the health of the youth. The youth sometimes gets neglected in the state laws hence suffer from inadequate funding from the government. Therefore, they are unable to meet their life goals as a result of the challenges they meet on a daily basis.

As a community nurse, it is my duties to search for all means possible of helping the young adults lead healthy lives. The youth are very vibrant members of the society, and it is very fulfilling and enjoying working with them. I look forward to a society where the youth will attain total life fulfillment.

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