Free Essay on Total Quality Management in the BT Company

Published: 2019-05-24
Free Essay on Total Quality Management in the BT Company
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BT is the leading operation service provider and telephone number information in the United Kingdom. The company faces several challenges to meet the tautest service quality capabilities in the larger European region. To achieve quality in its services, the company embarked on rigorous measures to promote TQM in the company. Therefore, in this paper we shall discuss some of the strategies that BT deploys to enhance total quality management and some of the benefits the customers receive.

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First, the company emphasizes on quality approaches to key changes and keen cost regulation. Barely, six months after its establishment, a BT Company embarked on essential changes after being permitted by the countys regulatory agencies to duty for directory help. The company had its cost center organization transformed within a short period into a profit center. Keen cost regulation has been a key aim of the BT organization since the program was initiated in early 1990s. As part of ensuring total quality management in the company, the organization had to find a quality approach on cost regulation. Faced wholly with new profitable encounters, regulation of cost in a quality manner was the best method to deploy. Mr. Boon relates this act as a very definite merit for having access to the company quality. Through this method, the organization has picked quality corporate programs. The newly appointed director of operation services strongly believed in quality where he showed his leadership right from the top and also kept down the cost of business.

Second, the companys approach to total quality management is just to keep its position simple. The company reduced the complexity of its position by linking with business imperatives and service quality to ensure provision of brilliant customer service in cost effective manner. In fact this is guided by the companys values, expressed in twenty three simple words, vision, mission and goals. The organization works energetically and systematically towards attaining these goals. The organization also has quality council which comprises the director and officer who directly reports to him and also responsible for vision, mission and goals drives. All these are actually in place to ensure delivery of results in the organization.

Another method used by BT is the upholding of high quality performance in a very flexible way in the workforce. Though this strategy faces many challenges, the company has extensive use of agency employees and part-timers in most productive centers. The efficient use of refined technology contributes its part in enhancing consistency of services, but since the employees are offered by firms that qualify for inclusion as the main suppliers of the company operator services, their quality is assured.

The next method which BT deploys to ensure TQM is customer satisfaction. Thus a culture that is practiced by the organization in the form of customer interviews each and every month across all its centers and a report is generated to show how each directory assistance has performed before their customers. The success of centers and individual directory assistance are rewarded. The recognition model, grounded on the European model for business brilliance, has had a very constructive result in individual satisfaction.

Customers who operate under BT Company receive several benefits in the form of quick responses from the company directory assistance thanks to the measures put in place by the leadership to enhance TQM. Customers have also been able to receive price cuts of up to forty five percent on the domestic directory assistance thanks to the competences brought via its overall quality programmes.

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