Free Essay Example on Improving Health Services

Published: 2022-12-11
Free Essay Example on Improving Health Services
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The main issue is that the ministry of health of Saskatchewan should ensure that the Regional Health Authorities are cut down and services are more centralized

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Key message

There is a challenge in management and focus of delivering quality health services to the sick in communities due to several regional health authorities

The government is looking forward to cutting down the number of authorities to enable centralization of the services.

Current Status:

Currently, there are several Regional Health Authorities which make the process of ensuring proper health experience to the patients not effective across the communities.

Various strategies are underway as described below to ensure that the centralization is done


Centralization of services and management ensuring that all the resources are managed from a single centralized point is the easiest way monitoring proper delivery of outputs by those responsible (Brenda, Tyler, and Dennis, 2016, 4).

By restructuring the way with which management is done, organizations, institutions or even government bodies can be able to improve the services or end products availed to their consumers.

The government of Saskatchewan, through the health ministry, is looking forward to decreasing the total number of Regional Health Authorities which will be encouraging a centralized way of management. The main aim of this is to ensure that the quality of services provided to the patients across the country improves and better administrative methods. There are several strategies put in place by the ministry of health of Saskatchewan which will ensure that the centralization is achieved and that the number of Regional Health Authorities are cut down as addressed by this brief notice.

To achieve a centralized system that aims at obtaining the patient's trust by providing all the patients' needs through a team-based, seamless and integrated way, the ministry is going to consolidate the existing 12 Regional Health Authorities to a single Provincial Health Authority.

The ministry then gives the Provincial Health Authority responsibility for all services governed by the current regional health authority boards. The following are the strategies under this;

The health care organizations and all its affiliates will be accountable to, and contracted through the PHA and focus on improving the centred culture producing high-quality services of patient care and experience (Brenda, Tyler, and Dennis, 2016, 4).

Proper primary care is dependent on patient health and successful intervention at various levels of care. To benefit the patient and improve the patient experience, among the first areas to aim at is to ensure that the Provincial Health Authority and Saskatchewan's Ministry of Health implement the Primary Health Care Framework of 2012 and make the team based primary health care a priority.

Another strategy to ensure centralization is to improve the capacity and to ensure the interests and needs of communities and residents within each area that has been integrated are advanced and identified through the community networks as stipulated in The Regional Health Service Act section 28.

Through the networks, senior leadership will be supported within the integration of the service areas by informing the delivery of services and the needs of local health care and determining the ways of improving the patient health care services and experience, and the goal of determining a family and patient health system.

Enabling the effective centralization, coordination and integration of healthcare, service integration areas must be created. The goal is to ensure that the patient experience and care are improved all through the continuum of the healthcare, including proper coordination of patient change between the health service areas. Among the service, integration areas should be different and unique to the north approximating the geography of Mamawetan Chur and Keewatin Yatthe.

The strategies as mentioned above are some of the set priorities that will ensure proper delivery of services including the change of patient experience and the health care system within the communities in the country. There are several strategies put in place that will ensure a proper centralization of the services and change in the health experience of the patients.


Saskatchewan. Advisory Panel on Health System Structure, Brenda Abrametz, Tyler Bragg, and Dennis Kendel. Optimizing and Integrating Patient-centred Care: Saskatchewan Advisory Panel on Health System Structure: Report. Saskatchewan Ministry of Health, 2016.

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