Free Essay. Importance of Understanding Clients Within the Context of Their Cultures

Published: 2023-04-19
Free Essay. Importance of Understanding Clients Within the Context of Their Cultures
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In developing an inclusive methodology in counseling practice, professional counselors need to embrace multicultural competencies to work effectively with people from different backgrounds. It is important to understand clients within the context of their cultures to include cultural sensitivity during an interaction (Hardy & Bobes, 2017). Such an interaction allows the involved parties to achieve a better position to tolerate and respect the difference in values, cultures, opinions, and values of the clients. Cultural sensitivity allows an association to achieve and uphold cultural competency, which is the capacity to identify and appreciate one's culture and its impact on customer relationships.

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Moreover, cultural sensitivity develops an understanding and the ability to respond to a different culture in a manner that does not demoralize its beliefs and thus facilitates the offering of professional solutions. By understanding the context of the client's culture, it becomes possible to establish a rapport that expresses the enthusiasm to learn more about the culture, thus developing culturally sensitive solutions (Hardy & Bobes, 2017). Despite the cultural differences and boundaries, cultural understanding creates a neutral environment for the different cultures, thus promoting notable improvement and progress in counseling practices.

How Culture Influences Treatment

Culture plays a critical role in counseling practice as it impacts how an individual perceives a situation and how he/she seeks counseling services. This includes making counseling choices, such as where to seek help and how to manage the situation. Culture also affects individuals' willingness to follow the counselor's recommendations and how to respond to particular therapy through interactions and communications with counseling professionals (Long, 2019).

Culture also defines how a counselor approaches a particular issue in an attempt to provide a solution. In this case, a counselor is obliged to adhere to the cultural competences of their clients to create a good rapport, which will be a crucial aspect towards attaining the solution. Healing includes considering the impact of a client's religious, spiritual beliefs, and racial and creed values when diagnosing, setting goals, choosing therapeutic approaches, and applying theories.

Why ASERVIC Certified the ALGBTIC and AMCD Competencies

The ASERVIC cross-sanctioned the AMCD and the ALGBTIC competencies to refute new transgender laws proposed by the U.S. Division of Health and Human Services (HHS). In 2018, the HHS made considerations to redefine gender, thus defining one's gender as "female or male based on immutable biological traits identifiable by or before birth" (Green et al., 2018). The new definition would erase the identities and experiences of transgender-modified individuals whose gender identities have been changed from what they were identified with at birth. The process would be done based on the biological sex traits of these transgender people.

The suggested changes would narrow the scope through which gender identity is defined, thus reducing the protections for transgender people. The proposed changes meant that agencies like the Labor, Education, and Justice Departments would not have the authority to consider actions against transgender individuals as discrimination acts. The suggested changes would also bar the federal administration from recognizing transgender people as American citizens (Stewart, 2017). As a result, these individuals would have no opportunity to access resources, a factor that would significantly affect their mental, psychological, emotional, and physical well-being. The move would further punish and stigmatize transgender individuals due to their identities.

The proposed changes by the Health and Human Services Department could bring about greater discrimination in employment, contributing to transphobic culture, which has the likelihood of increasing psychological distress, which may lead to suicide attempts. The ASERVIC cross-endorsed the AMCD and ALGBTIC competencies to oppose the new changes on sex definition and go beyond religion to protect transgender people.

The cross-endorsement was meant to create an equilibrium point for the three associations to prevent any form of stigmatization directed to transgender people regardless of their culture. The endorsement of the cultural competencies ensures an affirmation of clients' expressions and gender identities. The (2014) American Counseling Association Code of Ethics (2014), Standard A.7.a, Section C, provides for the need to advocate against barriers relating to clients' growth and expression.

Appropriate Response for a Christian Counselor

According to 1st John 4:8, God is love. By being the creator of the world, including humans, God showed love, and it would be useless if people fail to love one another despite their different cultures. Since all people have one origin, they should have a truthful meaning in the way they express love. The Bible proves that God is sensitive to the love, needs, concerns, and values of the people he created. God recognizes no nationality, beliefs, or race. No matter the cultural differences, Christian counselors should embrace all people from all cultures despite their values, race, values, religion, and beliefs. Christian counselors should respect and serve all their clients equally to ensure they get over their problems.


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