Importance of Medical Research Funding - Paper Sample

Published: 2024-01-11
Importance of Medical Research Funding - Paper Sample
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Research is the process of systematic investigation, which includes research planning, testing, monitoring and evaluation. It is designed to contribute to specific knowledge in different sectors examples of medical research. Medical research is one of the crucial activities in the current world due to the emergence of fatal pathogens such as Covid-19 virus which has claimed over 200,000 lives in the USA (Weiner and Debra 148). Should the government increase the funds for medical research? Yes, the government must raise funds for the research facilities. By increasing the funds the medical research facilities will be able to recruit qualified medical professionals, improve on the innovation in the medical health facilities, and by using these innovations, there is the possibility that they will be able to detect the pathogens before spreading, develop preventative measures and treatment (Weiner and Debra 149).

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It is clear that these pandemics not only threaten the lives of the citizens but also negatively affects the economy of the countries. Is high time the government realize that the pandemics posse the most increased national threats than the terrorists. The covid -19 virus should be a lesson to government that it is good to solve the immediate crises and prevent it from happening in future (Weiner and Debra 148). To prevent these pandemics from happening there is a need for effective and efficient functional medical research facilities. Through funding the research facilities, the government will be increasing their efficiency and effectiveness, which will improve their ability to respond to future pandemics (Weiner and Debra 149). Is through the medical research that the government will be able to accurately assess the current and future pandemic threats, thus implement effective measures to prevent it, hence it is essential to the society.

Traditionally the role of medical research facilities was to establish the vaccines, test them and distribute them. Currently, the position has expanded to provision of the information on the pandemic threats, advisory on the treatment methods and prevention of spreading of the pathogen (Clift and Ian 136). The reason why Covid-19 has been a threat is that the government and health sectors were caught unprepared, and it took a long time than necessary to respond to it. The government should learn from this Covid -19 pandemic that terrorism is not the main threat to national security, the pandemics are and instead of spending billions of dollars on the nuclear weapons is time to shift the effort to the medical research.

Medical Research Facilities

The medical research facilities have a role of developing advanced medicals which have no side effects to the user, develop vaccines and test their effectiveness, prevent the spread of the pathogens by providing relevant information to the government in advance and develop the improved medical facilities (Clift and Ian 142). Is through the medical research that the government will be able to assess the current and future pandemic threats accurately, and implement effective prevention measures. These facilities also participate in the development of the economy. The medical equipment and facilities are some of the most sorted commodities in the international markets. Every government wants to ensure the safety of its citizens by providing the best and effective medical services in public hospitals. These medical research facilities can be efficiently utilized to produce medical equipment for sell in the international markets (Clift and Ian 144).


In conclusion, government funding in medical research facilities is essential. The government should increase the money allocated to them in annual budgets and ensure that they are equipped with the appropriate equipment and workforce. The government should not only provide funds to these facilities but also set laws to protect them from selfish individuals trying to benefit from their findings. They should be given absolute power to conduct all the medical researches and provide the necessary information. Just, like other entities, they should be held responsible for any misinformation. The government should also facilitate training to the professionals involved since medical science is dynamic, and there are new pathogens like covid -19 evolving each day.

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