Essay Sample: Teamwork, Collaboration, And Communication Strategies

Published: 2022-11-22
Essay Sample: Teamwork, Collaboration, And Communication Strategies
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Inter-professional teamwork is a crucial model for delivering health care to patients. Teamwork in a healthcare setting involves two or more people who interact interdependently with a common motive, working toward assessable goals that benefit from leadership which upholds stability while promoting an honest discussion and problem-solving. I agree that teamwork in healthcare settings employ the practices of collaboration and improved communication to advance the conventional roles of health works and to establish decisions as a unit that drives toward a common objective. It is crucial to use of meetings and other communication approaches to debate patient outcomes, share information and discuss propositions to advance performance. Teamwork and collaboration are particularly fundamental to the care of patients in a dispersed health care framework in numerous levels of health employees. Customer relationship management model is an important strategy for improving the quality and safety of a patient.

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Based on the course readings, I learned that customer relationship management (CRM) models are targeted to establish new relationships, advance client value and obtain higher retention. In a healthcare setting, CRM is commonly referred to as patient relationship management (PRM). With PRM, healthcare settings emphasize on determination and fulfillment of the patients' needs. The strategy can be used to provide industry-specific offerings customized precisely to address healthcare issues and prospects. Inter-professional teams can comprehend how to create and implement CRM approaches that best apply CRM model to support the major healthcare processes. Collaboration CRM can ensure that there is sharing of information collected from the interaction and treatment of a patient (Kostojohn, Johnson & Paulen, 2011). For instance, customer response collected from a clinical session could inform the physicians about the history of the condition that the patient suffers from. I believe that relationship management in the healthcare setting is crucial for both healthcare professionals and patients. Managing patient relationship is a key element to sustain the efficient flow of services.

I agree that if a patient keeps changing the healthcare facility, his or her clinical records can be dispersed around different locations. Essentially, if the patient is undergoing treatment in the same facility, the physician will have adequate knowledge on how to improve treatment. Customer relationship management can provide a healthcare setting with a one-to-one communication solution that will advance care delivery, reduce costs and increase patient safety. The motive of collaboration in this strategy is to improve the quality of care given to the patient and as a result, improve patient safety. With the use of the CRM strategy, healthcare professionals can extend services beyond conventional practices. The strategy can offer a competitive advantage setting for a health care professional to attain a multi-faceted patient care objective (Makary et al., 2006). The strategy can enable a healthcare provider to collect important patient information to be used effectively in integrating it into the system to promote efficient service.

I think that CRM can be an effective strategy in ensuring the quality and safety of the patient in a healthcare setting. Inter-professional teamwork is crucial in learning how to communicate effectively and work together to improve quality and save time. Understanding the essentials of teamwork and corroborative care helps people in understanding patient needs especially in areas where there social and health concerns. CRM as patient relationship management is the key to advancing care in patients.


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