Importance of Physical Activity in Human's Health - Essay Example

Published: 2023-08-29
Importance of Physical Activity in Human's Health - Essay Example
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Any movement produced by the muscles (skeletal), which requires the energy expenditure, is regarded as Physical activity. It encompasses all activities performed during day or night at any time at intensity. It entails the exercise a well as an incidental activity that is integrated into daily action. In most cases, the integrated event may not be planned nor structured or repetitive or also purposeful for fitness improvement. It may include various activities, like cleaning, walking, and so on. Lack of physical activity may lead to adverse health impacts; hence, increased physical activity improves physical, mental, and lifespan, as depicted in this paper.

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Many people who find it challenging to be active at any given time can practice physical activity. It is advisable that when you are idle, you should not relax. Relaxing can bring some diseases to your body. At least, such people are advised to engage themselves in any physical practice. They can even walk for some distances instead of resting. It helps individuals get good sleep: once they practice walking or working daily, their joints and the brain are tired and need to rest during night time.

Practicing physical activities helps your heart in pumping the blood. Immediately you actively begin to do some physical activities, the heart rate up hence increasing the supply of blood to your brain. It makes you more attentive as well as alerted, thus increasing pain tolerance. As a result, some benefits, such as confidence, heat tolerance, strength gains, and more, are felt. Every individual does experience different reactions, and in return, most report an improvement in their health and others' mental health and social and financial health. Therefore, physical activity shows a lot of positive changes that are improved in productivity.

The affairs of heart health are crucial for a healthy heart; you can live longer and look younger and more energetic. The best way to make sure that the heart's health is maintained is by being active. “Heart failure, like aging, is characterized by a significant reduction in peak VO2, which provides authoritative prognostic information regarding risk for hospitalization, mortality, and need for ventricular assist devices or cardiac transplantation [10–12].

The impairment in peak VO2 in these patients is attributable to both cardiac and peripheral factors.” “Although early studies suggested that aerobic capacity could not be augmented by exercise training (ET) in healthy older adults, multiple subsequent investigations have documented 10%–25% increases in peak VO2 in previously sedentary adults through the ninth decade, comparable to those seen in young adults.” (Fleg 2017). Clearly, these shows that you can build your heart's muscles by practicing physical activities through always being active. Therefore, to reduce the risks of getting heart diseases, you are obliged to practice daily physical activities.

Mental health, as stated earlier, can also be improved by exercise. The brain usually releases endorphins, which makes every single individual feel relaxed after an activity. These exercises as well, according to research, have been said to improve depression.

A recent study has shown the overall prevalence of depression in the elderly to be 22%, and that a sedentary lifestyle is significantly correlated to depression morbidity. Reviews have suggested that exercise is an effective treatment for depression. Other studies have also examined the effect of physical activity on the prevention of depression (Deslandes, 2009 et al.).

In case you are used to exercising discontinue for some days, you likely feel nonproductive and not willing to undertake any task, not until you get some exercise as you are used to. Most of the elderly individuals who suffer from depression are encouraged to participate in some activity (Deslandes, 2009 et al.). Immediately they start and do not discontinue, and they are likely to feel relieved from the depression and eager to communicate or pass the problems they are going through with others.

Chronic panic can as well get improved by physical activities. The majority of individuals living with chronic pain are advised to do some exercises regularly. Physical activities mostly reduce pain. Recent estimates suggest that chronic pain affects 100 million people in the United States, and 1.5 billion people worldwide, figures that are steadily rising (Ambrose, & Golightly, 2015).

Chronic pain can as well get worse when the patient is not actively practicing exercises. Physical inactivity is an added insult to chronic pain conditions; in fact, it may contribute to the rise in chronic diseases (Ambrose, & Golightly, 2015). There are shreds of evidence to prove that exercising will reduce chronic pain despite the patient having been prescribed to take medicines.

In conclusion, exercise plays a crucial role in the affairs of mental health and the Neurodegenerative process concerned with aging. Activity partakes to be a stressor although, there are proving to show that it has as well reduced the unsafe effects partaking the stressors which are present in individuals life (Deslandes Exercises ensure that there is a proper brain function in the process of physical activity. It’s incredible as you not only stimulate your body while exercising but also your brain as well.


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