Essay Sample on the Importance of Building Information Modeling

Published: 2022-03-14
Essay Sample on the Importance of Building Information Modeling
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Building information modeling is a fascinating subject in the construction industry. It is used by the construction stakeholders such as designers, project accountant, project owner and the project engineer to improve work efficiency from design phase to the implementation phase. It is an insight used for creating and managing construction project faster, economically and sustainably (Bloomberg, Burney, & David, 2012). This is possible because it reduces waste and ensures that there is proper disposal of waste materials. The economic part of it is that it is more cost effective through the reduction of the construction period and ensures that there is an efficient use of construction resources. It supports construction firms to do virtual construction before actual beginning work where all the construction elements and their properties are created parametrically.

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BIM is also a suitable model that can be used to support Lean construction. Allow continuous and concurrent enhancements across all the dimensions of a built environment and construction process. Support utilization of least resources, fewer materials, and labor by using efficient planning and management practices which can help in generating highest value. BIM is essential in improving future of construction industry. It ensures that the cost of construction is as low as possible and also allows the stakeholders involve being able to share and collaborate with each other more efficiently and effectively (Bloomberg, Burney, & David, 2012). Through this, it gives the stakeholders the opportunity to employ Era of connection which is essential for the success of the whole industry. Since BIM Support comparison of design and other construction alternatives in the context, it has the power to minimize wastage and promote efficient utilization of building resources.

BIM is usually used to leverage sustainability. It minimizes wastages and supports the proper allocation of resources for building. It also creates job opportunities for local people by making the cost of building cheaper through the improvement of work efficiency and improves resource allocation. It is an essential part of a design process which minimizes energy consumption, enhance proper waste and water management and support integration of sustainability into the building design.

BIM provides the overall project condition to all the stakeholders such as engineers, designers, and managers (Bloomberg, Burney, & David, 2012). It also can allow people associated with the building have reliable information which is readily available and track project assessment, communication, coordination and cost estimation and project progress. Furthermore, BIM allows different departments to work together through work indexing in a centrally located BIM data by encouraging information sharing and collaboration between various departments.


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