Enhancing Patient Safety: Analyzing Drug Administration Challenges and Medical Device Usability

Published: 2024-01-07
Enhancing Patient Safety: Analyzing Drug Administration Challenges and Medical Device Usability
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Errors in drug administration are standard and are frequently linked with the abuse of IV pumps. One cause of these failures may be the user interface of the infusion pump. Analysis of patient safety incident records by the United Kingdom National Patient Protection Service indicates that series pumps and other infusion systems were among the most frequent pieces of equipment involved in vital safety incidents (Syroid & Liu et al., 2012).

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Any pump software needs the user to manually measure the infusion rate, and then inject the desired infusion rate into the pump before IV smart pumps are usable. Since multiple measuring units are used in IV drug administration, measurements are always complicated and increase the risk of consumer error. Smart pumps feature built-in drug databases and a DERS that allow users to choose from a specified approval of the requested medication and enter the patients' necessary details to measure the IV smart pump's infusion rate. DERS warns the patient if the measured infusion rate is more significant than the average appropriate dosing limits the most widely used IV medications (Guiliano, 2015).

According to Graham, Kubose, Jordan, Zhang, Johnson, and Patel (2004), Heuristic assessment is how the study explores results. In the heuristic testing methodologies initially derived from usability and later modified for medical applications, specialist evaluators analyze an internet system for usability issues. The approach requires a range of techniques. The heuristic approach for assessing procedures and policies in vital health units such as the ICU has provided an objective assessment. We may compare and assess usability problems at various stages and levels of functionality from these results. The three consequences of the heuristic approach for analyzing the data are as follows; it makes it possible to compare usability protocols between one unit of the ICU and another, it permits categorization and stratification of units, and the findings permit measurement of the extent and seriousness of breaches compared with other units of the ICU.

Medical-grade monitors are required for an exact and accurate medical image viewing device; medical practitioners need medical-grade supervision. There is very much at stake with a device that can misdiagnose technology or inappropriate configuration (Cybernet, 2019). Therefore, the medical picture display network's critical factor for powering modern hospitals is sufficient patient supervision. IT solutions vary from consumer to high-quality medical gray or color displays to suit the hospital department's needs. There are various IT solutions. However, not every approach will provide sufficient diagnostic efficiency for the medical image on the computer. For all medical imaging needs, no single-size solution is usable (Cybernet, 2019). Therefore, the decision-makers shall include the IT department and the medical staff in selecting patient supervision.

According to Zhang, Johnson, Patel, Paige, and Kubose (2003), a strong correlation between interface issues and user error is visible in many study papers, medical accident papers, and other records. Do so by Default; the FDA paper identifies many mistakes arising from the nature of the configuration of medical devices. Human-factor engineering is a discipline that seeks, rather than expects, users to conform to design devices, applications, and systems to meet the needs, abilities, and constraints of users. Systematic human factor engineering research requires four main components: consumer, interactive, job, and representative research.

In the difficulty rating Criteria, we consider the number of consumers who experience it and its effect on their software experience and whether the issue of usability is a difficulty only the first time they come across it, or whether the issue would persistently interrupt them. An unresolved issue that has a big effect would have the highest gravity ranking for most consumers.


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