Reflections on the Chinese State - Article Review Example

Published: 2019-10-02
Reflections on the Chinese State - Article Review Example
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Many articles have been written in the past with an aim of giving an explanation of the Development of the Chinese state, however, the Reflection on the Chinese State, Written by Howell and Jude, tops my list as on the best of them all. It is not about the their physical expression or the timing of their publication because of the in-depth analysis that the article puts across in its bit to try to give an explanation of the political, the institutional process and the socio-economic processes that the Chinese state has gone through over the last few years (Howell & Jude, 2006, pg. 273-297). The article also does well to try to give a justification of the process, which are both internal and external, and how they have led to the Peoples Republic of China being a development state. The use of the process acted as the best examples that Howell could have made use of. It signifies a good understanding of the topic that they were handling at hand.

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I also like the way the article tried to put across the factors that were under mining the development of the Chinese state. The use of the stiff global economic competition, the increased competition within the local economic competitors was also a wise move by the writer, the utilization of the resources and the investments at the foreign markets also signifies the broad understanding that the that the author had on the possibility of these two factors dwarfing the transformation of the economy of the Chinese state (Howell & Jude, 2006, pg. 273-297).

In conclusion, I love the way the article described the specialization of the Chinese state and that which they are best known for. That is to be polymorphous, to have an assumption of several, complex forms and the behaviors with time hence helping the states to be united.

"The (Neglected) Statist Bias and the Developmental State: the case of Singapore and Vietnam."

One of the papers that have been written in the past to try to give an explanation of the relationship between the countries within the Middle East is "The (Neglected) Statist Bias and the Developmental State: the case of Singapore and Vietnam." This is because of the nature in which the paper tries to give a highlight of the three main weaknesses that are affecting the development state. For instance, the way the writers breaks down the three weaknesses also shows the high level of the skills that were being put into practice. In the opening stages of the paper where it talks about the theory that is trying to have an imagination of the state being in the Weberian terms, shows the deep understanding that the authors had concerning there topic at hand (Gainsborough & Martin, 2009, pg. 1317-1328).

I also like the way the writers brought up the idea of the Cold War and tied it to the period that followed the war and related it the global structures that are connected to the original theory. It is a show of intelligence and proper understanding of the work that they are doing. The way the writers also puts across the institutional mix that has great significance on the existence of any form of development to occur is also a masterpiece from the development theorist. However, I have a question concerning the ideological effects that requires that one should not study the given state in any case, is there a way the development state theory can be made use of in leveling of the criticism (Gainsborough & Martin, 2009, pg. 1317-1328). Nevertheless, I like the way the paper have, made use of the development theory to give a comparison between the republic of Singapore and Vietnam.

List of References

Gainsborough, Martin. 2009. "The (Neglected) Statist Bias and the Developmental State: the case of Singapore and Vietnam." Third World Quarterly 30, no. 7: 1317-1328.

Howell, Jude. 2006. "Reflections on the Chinese State." Development &Change 37, no. 2: 273-297.

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