Free Essay: Impact of E-Marketing on Influencing Consumer Purchase Decision: Case of a US Motor Industry

Published: 2022-03-11 09:09:46
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The aim of this research dissertation s to examine the impact of e-marketing on customer purchase decisions in the US motor industry. With growth and advancement in information technologies, businesses are developing new strategies to capitalize on digital media to sell their products and services to customers online, via company websites, social media among other platforms. In the age where social media has become part and parcel of daily living, motor businesses are continuously exploring opportunities to venture into the highly diverse markets online.

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The digital platform has changed the concept of marketing from traditional techniques to modern ones which are highly diverse, effective and efficient regarding resources for instance time and finances. This research will expand the knowledge regarding the impact of e-marketing on customer's financial decisions, regarding convenience, advertising techniques applied as well as the mode used in conveying the message electronically, for instance, whether it is through search engines, websites or social media. The research will also widen knowledge regarding customer behavior with regards to purchasing cars among other equipment electronically.

Research Question

What is the impact of e-marketing on influencing customer purchase decisions in the US motor Industry?

Research Objectives

To establish the impact of e-marketing in the US motor industry

To find out the impact of e-marketing on influencing the customer purchase decisions in the US motor industry

To examine the impact of e-marketing on purchase outcomes in the US motor industry

Research Methodology

The research will utilize a mixed method design to develop its arguments and conclusions. A cross-sectional study will be conducted to collect field data, and also a desk research study will be utilized to collect information from the existing research. This will be critical in developing the full understanding of the topic. Mixed research methodology will be useful as it gives the researcher a huge opportunity to explore information from various sources, hence eliminating any form of bias.

Research Design

The researcher will carry out a cross-sectional descriptive research study in various luxury companies. Both interviews and questionnaires will be used in gathering data from the field. Both the interviews and the questionnaires will assist the researcher to gather information that is crucial for developing the relevant arguments and drawing conclusions. Regarding desk research, the researcher will utilize the existing research that has been conducted by other researchers in the field. This will aid in expanding the understanding of the topic, and also in concluding.

Specific Concepts in Marketing Literature to be Applied

The research will utilize the various concepts in the marketing literature to bring out a thorough understanding of the topic as well as developing solid arguments. The literature review will focus on the importance of digital marketing in the motor vehicle industry and its influence regarding sales, promotions, and advertising. Considering that digital marketing is a relatively new field of marketing research, the researcher will give special attention to it, as a topic. The other area of concern is customer behaviors. Marketing strategies are designed based on customer behaviors; therefore this will form a solid part of the discussion in the literature review section. Various customer behavior theories will be examined by the researcher to aid in understanding the chosen topic. The other area of concern is customer satisfaction. Businesses are focusing heavily on how to satisfy their customers, and maximizing customer experience is one of the critical areas of digital marketing.

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