Free Essay Example - Human Resource Methods

Published: 2023-01-19
Free Essay Example - Human Resource Methods
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Human resources represent one of the essential factors that determine the success of an organization. For that reason, the human resource division has been established to deal with matters that face employee's relationships, work, and job satisfaction. The department act as an advocate of defending employees' rights. Also, the human resource department helps in solving any conflict ensuing between members of the staff. Conflict is inevitable in many cases. The approach taken to address the existing problem facilitate the creation of a harmonious relationship between workers. This essay evaluates a hypothetical situation to determine the human resource approaches available to solve the problem. The ability to identify a problem, synthesize it, and select the recommend practical solution to evaluate the effectiveness of human resource methods. The HR methods involve complicated processes because of the dynamic nature of people and their different perceptions.

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Scenario under Consideration

In this scenario, the newly promoted area director launches a complaint during a mutual lunch, explaining his discomfort with the behavior of one of the branch managers. The complaint indicates that the woman has been touching the director inappropriately, which makes him uncomfortable. However, when he confronted her with warning her about that behavior, she shrugged the issue. One the one side, the newly promoted director, notes that the woman is industrious and he does not intend to fire her. Therefore, the director wishes to reinforce the request to stop her inappropriate behaviors. The complaints that touch on a matter affecting employees' relationships represent issue pertinent to the human resource department (Lytle, 2015). Employees' relationships and workers' behavior determine the effectiveness of the workforce. Therefore, the matter represents an issue that requires the attention of human resource intervention.

Conflict Management Approach

The best conflict management strategy to adopt in this case is mediation between the two parties. Studies reveal that misinterpretation of the intention of others is one of the primary drivers of conflict. Humans are diverse and separated by age, culture, ethnicity, and personality type (Lytle, 2015). The various perceptions influence workers to adopt different perspectives on any issue. Therefore, mediation would help the woman on the need to observe dignity, professionalism, and respect for work ethics. Besides, mediation helps in understanding the intention of the branch manager's flirtatious antics when solving a conflict, and it is essential to understand the perspective and purpose of all parties the newly, promoted director indicates that he intends to retain the Branch manager because she is a top performer (Issacharoff & Nelson, 2010). Therefore, mediation helps in maintaining the existing relationship, thus avoiding creating enmity.

Resolving Conflict Management Process

The first thing to undertake when a complaint filed involves ascertaining the truth. Therefore, an investigation is initiated to determine the truth about the allegation. In mediation, the rule is relaxed, and the parties' privy to the conflict is open to explain their version of the story. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) prohibit any harassment and unethical behavior in the workplace (Lytle, 2015). The Department of labor guideline on workplace relationships considers any forbids any action that makes the working environment hostile and discomfort at the place of work. The mediation process aims at creating a neutral ground for negotiation to express the demand of both parties (Dlamani, Zhou & Mokua, 2018). However, objectivity remains the guiding principle. For that reason, explaining the potential legal consequences expected as a result of the complaint may help her conceptualize the intensity of the matter at hand.

Investigation Procedure at WorkplaceInvestigating alleged employee misconduct starts when the formal complaint comes. The investigation process begins by requesting both parties to write statements about their perspectives on the issue. As the employee relationship representative, it is essential to maintain objectivity by selecting an objective investigator to mediate the process. The employee statements act as the basis of undertaking procedures. Securing vital evidence that confirms the occurrence of the act is the main aim of the investigation (Dlamani et al., 2018). Therefore, it is essential to maintain the confidentiality and secrecy of the process. The final process of the investigation process involves a round table discussion between the director and the regional manager. They would be grilled over the issue to shed more light on what ensued to unearth the truth.


Based on the analysis of the scenario, the conflict priorities under this situation reveal the intention to enhance professionalism and ethical conduct. The newly appointed director observes that the frequent flirtatious behavior by one branch manager causes discomfort on his part. As part of the human resource function to investigate and solve the conflict, the proposed approach to solving the issue is mediation. Mediation allows both parties to mediate and understand the legal implication of their action. Therefore, the method of conflict management adopted intends to improve the relationship between employees by appreciating their dynamism through understanding their perspectives. Workplace conflict is a critical matter that needs addressing because it could have significant financial and ethical consequences of employee relationships and organizational output.


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