Human Resource Management Essay Sample

Published: 2022-11-30
Human Resource Management Essay Sample
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There are two essential concepts in risk management. The first one is that employees are a source of risk. For example, being short on employees, people doing shoddy work and employees refusing to take responsibility. The second concept is that people are essential in dealing with risk. For example, employees use their creativity to tackle random arising problems, employees putting in extra hard work and time for the good of the organization and sometimes persuading people they know to come and work for their company. These people could turn out to be real assets in the future of the company. Safety and risk management is also tasked with providing safe working environments for the employees. The employers must develop strategies meant to reduce the risk of injuries and accidents in the workplace (Boyle, 2015). In the case of dangerous machinery and hazardous chemicals, the employer is tasked with providing specialists to train the employees on how to deal with the risks they are predisposed to.

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Minimizing liability issues

Workplace issues such as employees feeling like they are unfairly treated or allegations of malpractices in the employment process can become severe liabilities to a company. It could find itself embroiled in corridors of law facing accusations of unlawful practice. This can be detrimental to an organizations image which is essential in its day to day operations. Human resource is tasked with identifying these issues/complains early and solving them locally before they get out of hand.

Training and Development

New employees require an introduction to an organizations policies, operations and the general code of conduct. Every company has set standards, and it is essential that new employees be initiated into them. Therefore, after recruitment, it is the duty of the human resource management department to ensure that these employees are well trained into the ways of the organization and make sure they are up to the task at hand at the end of the probation period. Also, interns are their responsibility in the bid to foster good relations with colleges and universities which are essential in developing and providing future employees.

Employee satisfaction

Creating and having an excellent employee-employer relationship is a vital quality of a good doing organization. The human resource management sector has to come up with retreats, camps and team building activities to bolster good relations between various employees. It is through these camps and events where junior and senior employees interact with each other freely outside the workplace. Employees also air their grievances, concerns and give essential suggestions on how the company should move forward.

Recruitment and Hiring of new employees

The human resource department is responsible for advertising job opportunities, then receiving applications, then screening these applications to schedule and conduct interviews. They decide which interviewees are best suited and most inclined to work for the company and bring these recruits to their ranks.

Maintaining compliance, Recordkeeping, and Tax compliance

The human resource department ensures that the company adheres and complies with set laws by the federal government or trading blocs they may be part of. They ensure all paperwork from licenses to employee qualifications are well documented. This avoids unnecessary problems which may come in the form of fines, sanctions or even closure.

It is also crucial to keep all records regarding the business operations of an organization. Documents about income, a summary of transactions, expenses and purchases should all be filed (Smith, 2016). This makes it easier to provide them on demand. Tax records of both the firm and employees should also go in the record as well as insurance records.


There are many functions of the human resource department which cannot be possibly exhausted, but it is safe to say that it is the most critical department within the organization and we can also conclude that this department is the driving force of a company and without it, a firm would quickly be brought to its knees.


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