Best Topic About Love Essay Sample

Published: 2018-03-06
Best Topic About Love Essay Sample
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Love has no boundaries

I strongly agree with the statement that love has no boundaries. Basing with my own argument, I have seen people getting married to white people which is a best opinion. It's good to get married to a spouse you feel that these is the God meant to be with me and to spend my entire life with.

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Intertribal marriage is also the best, this is because one gets to know and understand the customs and the tradition of the other spouse. By so it helps to enlarge social life boundaries, it promote love and unity in the country as well as entire world.

Love is based on respect, faithfulness, patients and humility. It doesn't matter whether the wife is older than husband or husband is older than the wife but those aspect build a strong foundation of the married spouse.

I have heard many people talking about taboos in their family. It's a taboo to marry from another tribe. Such restrictions will cause disunity in the country and worldwide. Let's promote love by getting rid of tribalism in all aspect of our entire life.

Love is the best commandment God gave unto us to love one another this no one has right to stop marriage from people who have loved one another and are ready to get into a covenant of marriage.

I have witnessed people who start dating at their tender age and they finally get married that what the society should embrace. Support the love of your kids teach them what it entails to be in love with someone, and by doing so life will be simple for that young couple. I believe love was not kept to be a prison but to be enjoyed between two people.

Love is great from God. Get married to however makes you happy since he/s shows love to you. Do not mind what the society will say about you. Whether slim, tall, plum short all are God people and deserve to be loved.

I like the current generation we are in people are loving foolishly. It is a wonderful thing to attend a wedding ceremony of a young couple who have been in love for so long. Who have dated for a long period of and they are finally walking down the aisle, vowing and promising each other of great love they will offer to etched.

Love was not meant to have any boundary love your spouse unconditional and maintain your marriage. God blesses such marriages where He is involved.

Most people gets marriage while young and they think it is wrong it is never too late for something everything happens for a reason. The fact you have been married that guarantee you to be committed to take responsibility with capability and a lot of knowledge on it.

Love in our society has been a problem since some couples ends up fighting this means your spouse was not your right rib. But there is no wrong man, the is no wrong women that wrong person you are seeing right there will change to the person you want through your efforts and through your talk and communication with each other.

I have seen during political periods couple divorcing due to different political ideas. The politicians are not the founder members of your marriage live them behind focus on your marriage. Love is meant to be for two people only not more than two. Do not include your family, society or friends otherwise the love in your family will turn to be worse. Agree as love birds on what to do and what you should not do.

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