Free Essay on How You Know What Your Customers Want?

Published: 2023-04-05
Free Essay on How You Know What Your Customers Want?
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The goal of any organization is to remain relevant as well as innovative to its customers, often than not most companies including the startups and big multinational corporation looks at the successful organizations for inspiration on the next big thing (Wickham, 1988). However, the success of any company lies in its marketing and research department. For the best asset that can earn an organization, immense revenue and reputation are their clients, and identifying the client's needs and want should be the critical or sole objective of the organization. The fact is that however, good a product or service is, the truth remains that no one individual will purchase it if they do not need or believe that they require it. Similarly, an organization will not be able to persuade the clients to purchase what they are offering unless if they clearly understand what the client needs. Knowing as well as understanding the client's needs is the center or the secrete behind every successful organization whether the company sells directly to its customers or other organizations, once an organization knows the client's needs then it can use the information to persuade the clients that it is in their best interest that they purchase from them. But the question remains, how exactly does an organization identify the needs of its clients?

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However, identifying the client's needs is easier said than done, it presents a challenge since the customers have difficulties in articulating their actual needs. The needs that the clients cannot easily articulate or that are hard to identify are referred to as hidden needs. Hence it requires the organisations or the companies to employ strategic research or unique strategies that aid the firms to identify the need of their customers. Strategies for identifying the customers' needs are a vital element of an organization's marketing strategy, understanding the customer or the purchaser's desires and preferences helps the organization refine its product development project, the organization communication strategy as well as the choices in distribution (Wickham, 1988). However, the organization that launches a new product without doing market research and putting into account customer preferences runs a high chance of failure.

Research the Market

Whether the organization what to retail frozen your gut, open an ice skirting business, or provides any of the millions of other services or products, it is vital that the organization does marketing research to pinpoint the trends in the market of interest. There is existing market research that is available freely on the internet or the local library. This information might have an insight into what the clients want. And it might come as an added advantage to discover that the customers were a thread about frozen yogurt several years ago but would be much interested in learning ice skirting (Christensen, Hall, Dillon & Duncan, 2016). However, it can be very beneficial to the organization to conduct market research in its selling area since the information available through the existing research might cover a wide geographical, might be from the national wide scope. A company might contract a surveying firm to do that, but it might help the company to utilize its marketing department since they are already familiar with the company, and it better shapes the company plan.

Welcome feedback from the customers

A strategy that is open to criticism helps the organization gain first-hand insight into what the clients think about your already existing products or services, and this helps the organization identify how well it is meeting its customer's needs (Christensen et al., 2016). An organisation needs to create a site or polling site where the client is allowed to leave a comment or write a review about the product. It is important to encourage the client to critic the company's product, and through this information, the organization gains knowledge on what the client wants.

Social media scan

Incorporating media in the organization's communication strategy enable the organization to track discussion on its product as well as those of its rivals (Christensen et al., 2016). The information from social media further provides insight to complement feedbacks from the customers. This q a great way to know of the customer's needs.

Customer relation management

Having a customer relationship management plan enables the organization to gain knowledge of the customer preferences from the organization's records. The customer relation management gathers data on the client's contacts and transactions, providing data on the purchases and service history, product inquires, complaints as well as the communications channels, in addition to the customers, take on the marketing campaigns (Christensen et al., 2016). Through customer relation management, the organization can build an image of the individual customer needs.

Public Safety and Emergency Services in Chicago

The local or state government provides the public emergency services in each community or city in the united state that has a tax base, which is large enough to finance such services. However, in areas where the cities, communities or towns are too small to establish their emergency services, then it is the responsibility of the corresponding country or commonwealth to take up that responsibility (Lori, 2020). The three major emergency services functions that are provides by the local governments are the emergency medical services, the police, and fire emergency services. The primary goal of all these public safety services is to ensure the safety of the general public as well as protect their property.

The basis for public safety and security services in the community level is to maintain, law and order, help the community protect itself from emergencies and disasters that are related to all kinds of hazards-

The Chicago law enforcement agency, fire department, or the Chicago healthcare services, as well as the bureau of emergency supervision communications, are liable for ensuring security the citizens living in Chicago as well as the visitors in Chicago, in inclusion. Also, the city planning for matter retaliated to homeland safety. In Chicago, the safety association is composed of main departments and agencies devoted to public protection and security, which include police, public health, fire, OEMC, aviation as well as CTA (Lori, 2020). Numerous Chicago city departments uphold civic safety inventiveness such as the Chicago Department of transport, the department of constructions is devoted to providing security through code execution, communal partnerships and imaginative usage of technology to make Chicago a secure place reside. Also, there is business affairs and consumer protection, which aims at maintaining a fair and lively market for organizations and customers by offering business licensing, provide education to the residents about businesses as well as offering consumer protection against unfair competition.

What is the homeland security needs in Chicago?

Homeland securities in Chicago are the coordination procedures that intend to maintain security within the city. The procedures are achieved using two groups; the Crime Prevention and Information Centre (CPIC) and the Joint Terrorism Task Force. The CPIC is an intelligence section that brings people together within the section of deployment operations (Kamoie, 2014). The members assigned to the CPIC are responsible for: Disseminating and collecting relevance intelligence to both foreign and domestic terrorism within the right time, enhancing categories and analysis of all reports from departments that contain homeland security-related information, participating in the assessment of critical infrastructure as well as key assets of Chicago, as well as enhancing the Facility Information Management Systems, and liaising with the local law enforcement, federal and state agencies on sharing of intelligence information related to homeland securities. Joint Terrorism Task Force, on the other hand, is a multi-agency unit of investigation, which is under the Gand Investigations Divisions/ the Intelligence Section in the Bureau of the Organized Crime (Kamoie, 2014). It is responsible for functioning as a leadership team of investigation, which concerns treats on both domestic and foreign terrorists. It is also responsible for receiving copies from the information and intelligence on matters related to homeland security.


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