Free Essay on a Person with a Strong Agreeableness Personality Dimension

Published: 2018-04-09
Free Essay on a Person with a Strong Agreeableness Personality Dimension
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Dimensions of Personality Explanation

Agreeableness personality is one of the five dimensions of personality. This dimension of personality is linked with traits such as kindness, trust, affection, and other prosocial behaviors. Individuals with agreeableness personality show devotion to the interest of others even at the cost of theirs. Those with strong agreeableness have natural regard for others and usually can be considered naïve and submissive (Capretz, Varona, & Raza, 2015).

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Computer programming is a technical skill that requires patience, tendency to be ordered, artistic, problem-solving skills, ability to accept failure and ability to meet deadlines. Computer programmers have to cope with very a dynamic and challenging job environment as computer languages have a lot of nitpicky, detailed rules and procedures that one has to follow to ensure that the end product functions correctly. Most good programmers are logical thinkers, and because they work in less stimulating environments, they tend to be introverts. Introverts are individuals who are low on the Extraversion personality, and as a result, they tend to be self-absorbed, quiet and reserved.

Studies conducted have shown that there is a relation between the personality of a person and his ability to successful in computer programming. Other than personality other factors such as skills, knowledge, creativeness and experience are also very important. Individuals who perform well in IQ test and conscientiousness tend to produce code with fewer errors. Regarding personality introversion (people with low extraversion) ranks highest producing successful computer software developers (Eysenck, 1991). Individuals with strong agreeableness personality tend to be poor programmers because they are naïve and submissive. A good programmer should have wisdom and judgment to help him/her make critical decisions in the design of the software and the making of new suggestions and possible improvements to the code. Usually, good programmers are not prosocial; prosocial is one of the main traits of agreeableness personality.

My Personality

I am a focused, hardworking, and talented youth with a desire to make a significant mark in my life and that of other members of the society. I aspire to acquire a university education to complement my skills for a better future. Besides gaining knowledge in this university, I would like to make an impact in various areas of my participation. Given my personality and academic development, I believe that my enrollment in this university will be highly beneficial to the school and me.

My desire is to cultivate a meaningful life that appeals to other people in the society. To this effect, my personal development over the past several years focused on creating a personal identity that matches my dream character. Given my ability to influence people, I have utilized this talent by participating in relationship-building forums. Also, I spent a lot of time building self-knowledge by practicing public speaking to boost my self-esteem.

In my previous level of education, I achieved huge milestones in academic development. Most importantly, I significantly improved my oral communication, reading proficiency, and critical thinking skills. At one time, I was required to do research, organize results, and present findings to the class. Even though I found it difficult at first, these exercises helped me to think critically and make oral presentations. Also, such discourses were instrumental in enhancing my reading proficiency.

All in all, I have a strong personality marked by the desire to influence and contribute to the society. Notably, I have built a foundation in my lower level education by relating well with peers, cultivating my critical thinking skills, and improving my self-esteem. My academic development features good research and oral communication as well as excellent reading abilities, which make me favorable for this university.

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