How to Live a Meaningful Life and Purpose? - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-01-08
How to Live a Meaningful Life and Purpose? - Essay Sample
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The catholic intellection tradition is an unchanging preposition. It is a heritage way that hinders or prohibits the change of certain behaviors and characters from the old days to the current days. This tradition makes sure that the old teachings that were given long ago are still the ones being taught and followed by every new generation. The two seminars purpose was to provide students with clear information about the roots and the growth of Catholic traditions. These seminars helped the interested people understand more about God, his nature as well as nature itself, the livelihood, the society, and mankind.

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These traditions teach about humanity, Christians should be kindhearted and caring in their heart. Christians should have a close relationship with God which is kept through prayer and repentance. Christians should love others and be able to be helpful in life, and forgive others as they expect from God. Fr Robert Indelli dedicated his life in teaching about the Catholic intellectual traditions. The Catholic intellectual traditions are a very crucial way of the church entertaining or enlighten the believers from generation to generation. All kinds of people have dedicated their talents to express their personal confrontation with God.

The seventh story mountain is a very powerful story and inspirational. The book talks about a young man who is very sharp and clever looking for faith and peace. He finally finds himself in the most ambitious catholic orders where he takes a vow of the Trappist Monk at twenty-six years of age (Merton, Thomas, 1999). To live a meaningful life with a purpose according to the ways of the teachings one has to be baptized. Baptisms mean one has to trust and obey God and change from the ways of the past which are sinful. By getting baptized one gives God full control of his life and gets guidance from him. The books also state that the purpose of being alive was to serve God. By being a servant of God and trusting in him he will make you the person he created you to be, he will reveal your real purpose in the world, this will happen if one has the will or desire and lets God fill him with glory (Merton, Thomas, 1999).

These books also explain that the more one tries to avoid suffering, the more of the kind comes his way because very small unnoticeable things will torment you. The fear of getting hurt will lead to even the smallest things putting you into suffering. Either way to live without suffering one has to live according to Christ ways and have a close relationship with him. Baptism erases all the problems and shows a fresh start because those that try to avoid suffering end up suffering the most. God has proven to be merciful for a very long time (Merton, Thomas, 1999).

From the beginning of times till now. People should be able to live a righteous life and overcome all the evil with good. God is the giver of peace and without him, in our lives, there will always be war and suffering. A person shouldn't live a life that makes him feel empty in his soul or perform deeds that leave him or her feeling in the same way. Meaningful life and purpose are living in the presence of God.

A similar case is shown by the Dorothy day's quotes, Dorothy is a journalist in America, and a member of the Catholic Church, she helped in the transformation of church members by her wise quotes that circulated around teaching members. Her teachings motivated the church members on the best ways to live a good and meaningful life. For instance, she talks of love, and the benefits of staying with love with one another peacefully (Farrell, James 29-37).

It is therefore of the great requirement that for one to successfully live a joyful, peaceful, meaningful and purpose-oriented life, it is important that people stay with love without hatred. Another major way of staying a meaning life is through maintaining a constant and regular prayer, Dorothy in her book states that if Christians can keep prayers as their daily bread to obtain comforts both at a personal level and with each other (Farrell, James 29-37).

Additionally, the need to stay a meaningful life not only applies to the outside public domain, schools as an institution has also been spotted and Jennifer Beste does her research on this and comes out with some of the best and relevant solutions to help the Catholics live a life of a purpose through Catholicism. Beste decides to design a book with a title, "are college students happy?", colleges are usually characterized by a lot of parties. In her analysis, she applies the use of interviewing method to collect appropriate information from a number of college students, concerning their views on the existence of parties in schools. (Beste, Jennifer, 2017).

From her analysis, about 27% were convinced with the fact that majority were unhappy during their hookups, and sought to withdraw from love affairs due to the constant disagreements that they experienced during their hookup times. 29% were not sure of the real feeling that the students undergo, they reported that occasionally, they saw some while happy and sometimes unhappy and therefore never had a clear stand.

33% which formed the highest percentage of turn up, reported that parties in college only offered periodical happiness during the actual times of their occurrences, and maybe until the following morning, however they seemed too unhappy after they became conscious in the following day, this was normal with the majority of the students (Beste, Jennifer, 2017).

The results obtained called for serious attention in order to ensure that college students remain staying in love and happiness. The college parties can, therefore, be considered as a drawback to students' happiness since, from all the categories of answers given in the study, none confirmed that the act was healthy and provided a joyful life throughout.

It is therefore important to avoid these parties while in the college if one's main intention is to stay in a happy and meaningful life with purpose. An alternative that can help is to ensure that one attends prayer sessions so that they be given words of Christ concerning positive traits of living.

Another author by the name Charles Taylor speaks out on the issue of modernity, how the emergence of the new ways of life have affected the happiness that people live in their own lives. He affirms that initially, in the past times of the 17th and 18th centuries, people lived in their traditional ways of life and ensured that their lives were meaningful and a happier one, that led to the production of responsible and productive people in the society (Taylor, Charles, and William Shea, 1999).

However, Charles in his book states that the Christians in the modern times should be in close relationship with their churches to listen to the issues that are being addressed by the Catholics in ensuring that people in the modern times stay in well-organized life.

The author also teaches Christians on how to cope up with the current culture so that the meaningful life that existed before is not tampered with. He defines the meaning of being a Catholic as being able to seek the universality by wholeness, and wholeness itself symbolizes unity and the level of respect between the Catholics. And so by this definition, it's a requirement for every Catholic to maintain these traits as highlighted and stated in the definition of Catholics.

For the Catholics to effectively achieve this, Taylor says that dialogue is a proper strategy, to bring together the Christians or the Catholics with the modernity which are the people who are not yet converted. He then finalizes by relating the Catholicism and schools (universities and colleges. The church can start new Catholic colleges and universities to help the learners adapt and understand how best it is to stay with Catholics, in order to acquire more knowledge and suggestions specifically to enhance friendship, teamwork, and assistance towards a more meaningful life with a purpose.

In conclusion, majority of people, staying in a meaningful life have very good beliefs that assist in influencing their decisions, their minds become subjected to great thoughts that help them in making appropriate decisions and conclusion on every occurrence that emerges. This can be achieved by living in a life of the Roman Catholicism where people are treated to be persons of high value that help everyone in society have respect for each other. A meaningful life on the other end helps individuals in building strong relationships with friends and family members. They are always goal oriented as well and normally act with the aim of achieving their goals as well.

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