Essay Sample on the Internationalization of Higher Education

Published: 2019-11-04
 Essay Sample on the Internationalization of Higher Education
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Statement of the Problem Investigated

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Globalization involves political economic and social aspects that push the modern higher education to widespread international participation (Altbach & Knight, 2007). Through globalization, many aspects have become integrated while others have expanded. For instance, English has grown to become the lingua franca in communications regarding science, and the communication sector has increased significantly. Hence, there is a need to describe academic aspects established as a way of coping with globalization; an aspect referred to as internationalization. Internationalization is an important element in the modern world.

Research Question

The study focuses on the transnational movement of learners and aspects of higher learning such as programs. The main aim of the study is to identify if there are various aspects developed to cope with globalization. Also, the author seeks to determine the principal drivers of academic internationalization and the higher education growth areas.


The author evaluates previous studies to analyze vital stimuli that drive academic internationalization. The information was obtained entirely from peer reviewed sources. The authors conducted an in-depth analysis of books and scholarly articles relevant to the subject of study. Valuable information from the sources is recapped for use in answering the research questions.


The authors found that profit is a vital stimulus for academic internationalization. The aim of many internationalization moves is to gain profits. Universities achieve internationalization by opening, purchasing, and merging with other institutions. The authors found that many institutions target international students to increase their revenue base. Nevertheless, some nonprofit institutions undergo internationalization to expand their research capacity and expand cultural knowledge (Altbach & Knight, 2007). The second stimulus is demand for higher education. In the past few decades, there has been a drastic increase in the demand for higher education. Also, many countries both developed and developing, support internationalization of higher education. Nevertheless, some policies may have a great impact on the internationalization process. One aspect of internationalization drawn up to cope with globalization is new programs and expansion of providers such as IT. The authors found that there is an insufficient quality assurance in education internationalization. Nevertheless, some countries such as the US have introduced accreditation process on the global platform.


The aspects discussed in the results section represent the causes of expansion of the higher education in the global platform. Thus, internationalization ensures much access to higher education in many countries. In the modern times, numerous contemporary aspects support internationalization. Nevertheless, institutions of higher learning should put the interests on the public before personal interest.


From the article, it is important to note that globalization has had a significant impact on the higher education sector. The future educational leaders can benefit from the aspects presented in this article. It is evident that internationalization is an indispensable element of the higher education system. As time goes by, one must expect that there will be a notable increment in the number of students studying abroad. Nevertheless, some factors may impede this growth such as insecurity, national policies, and expansion of the local capacity. It is evident that IT development has an immense impact on internationalization in the coming decades. There will be a radical upsurge in the number of e-learning degrees. There is a need to ensure that higher education system is subjected to quality assurance in the international platform. Internationalization has been criticized for substandard quality due to lack of accreditation.


Altbach, P. G., & Knight, J. (2007). The internationalization of higher education: Motivations and Realities. Journal of studies in international education, 11(3-4), 290-305.

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