New Stroke Protocol - Free Essay Example

Published: 2022-04-27
New Stroke Protocol - Free Essay Example
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Zuckerman et al.' (2016), in their study, realized significant improvements made when implementing a new stroke protocol. The researchers recommend stroke algorithm for implementation and if possible all patients with stroke to undergo the neurological evaluation so that the delays are considerably reduced. These new protocol reduces delays and is precisely obtained to facilitate accurate results.

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In a considerable manner, it is noted that patients' care can be improved if the nurses evaluate on ways that can increase the kind of healthcare and how they administer to patients with first- hand involvement. Therefore, associating stroke with bleeding and need for urgent treatments, there are standards of care that the nurses ought to understand and recognize. Frasure & Spilker, (2017), conducted a study which requires that nurses should take the leading line in research involving stroke to be current and hence stay updated on issues regarding stroke. The guidelines on care for stroke based on evidence are also other suggested measures that will accompany the involvement in research in the quest for appropriate ways of handling stroke patients. Suggestively, it is advisable that nurses form a partnership with recognized institutes of health to give quality care to patients in an informed way. This policy, if implemented in most health organizations and nurses commit to working towards achieving them, will result positively and widely accommodate patients in a professional mode.

Handling stroke patients is a complex issue since the decisions made are challenging and require implementation of ethical concerns. For a patient to receive quality care and attention in the hospitals, wide knowledge on the current ethical issues is needed and should involve great awareness of what is currently expected from the care providers. Therefore averting biasness facilitates practical approach in making decisions and minimizes the expense of all costs. Additionally, the resources available for managing stroke and improving care have to be used appropriately, completely and in the best way possible to provide consistent results for care stroke patients (Kelly, Sahin, & Holloway, 2014). However, the preferences of the patients which lead to inconsistencies in the care should not be discriminated even though they might be the major reasons for early mortality.


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