Paper Example: How the Iphone Impacted and Changed the TV and Movie Industry.

Published: 2023-04-03
Paper Example: How the Iphone Impacted and Changed the TV and Movie Industry.
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Specific Purpose: to inform on the impacts and changes in the movie and television industry caused by iPhone.

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Central Idea Sentence (Thesis): The iPhone has become more pervasive in our community today than in the past and now and then we are being informed about the disadvantages and shortcomings which are associated with iPhone while other information is based on the advantages and the reason why everyone should one an iPhone.


How many people here believe that the world has been changed by the introduction of the iPhone? How many people here believe that the television and movie acting world has been changed by the introduction and advancement of the iPhone today? Considering all these, what are we supposed to believe?


Today I would like to provide you with some of information concerning the iPhone and its contribution to the movie and television industry. I will also give you some of the effects which the iPhone has impacted in the world today (Giachetti, 2018). Maybe I will not be able to change your belief on the way iPhone has impacted the television and movie industry, however, I will at least leave everyone more informed about the impact of the iPhone in the world today.

The iPhone has turned on its head on the TV and movie industry. In my life, there is a bigger part where in order to have a glance at a movie my options were very limited, either to go to a movie theater (Feijoo et al., 2012). While on the other hand, I had only one option to watch a certain television show, which is sitting down in my room in front of my television home.

The iPhone came with a platform on the iPhone mobiles which supported the delivery of videos, and since the year 2007, each major television and movie studio has been pushed further to enlarge their distribution services and practices to confine the streaming and downloading services to mobile devices (Laugesen & Yuan, 2010).


We can, therefore, be grateful to the millions of iPhones today which can let individuals enjoy watching television shows and movies anywhere at any time. The industry has been able to prod the television and movie studios to make all this achievable (West & Mace, 2010). I will also call upon everyone to thank the iPhone industry together with me for their contribution in the creation of new video services, for example, Hulu, Netflix, and Youtube. Also, there are video powerhouses, where at least half of them have their content being watched through some kind of mobile device.


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