Free Essay on Finding Inspiration for Academic Writing

Published: 2017-07-17
Free Essay on Finding Inspiration for Academic Writing
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Different people have different things that inspire them to write. I have to say that inspiration is not only that thing that has sparked a certain type of idea. It also includes any factor that puts into effect the style I choose to write in. On a closer look, though, MY ENVIRONMENT is the core of my inspiration to write.

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It is good to have a LARGE MENTAL DATA BANK. From reading a lot since I could pronounce the words on a Coke bottle, listening to people talk, observing trends, retaining bits and pieces of information over time, I have been able to create little written pieces by just going back into my memory to fish out a particular item that might worth grabbing my pen. My friend`s articles on and the Nuha Foundation website are products of his rummaging through his mental data bank to bring out people, events and facts that he had stored in his memory over time. A large, mental store of data may not only spark off ideas, but may even inspire how you present these ideas. However, building such mental data banks happens over time, and not in a day.

I have written pieces by reading THE WRITINGS OF OTHERS. One of the short stories I have just entered into a competition with was inspired by James Hadley Chase`s "Eve". My story is not even similar to his, but it was definitely inspired by a character in the book. Also,reading what others have written can even inspire an innovative writing style.

Nothing paves the way for inspiration like REST AND LEISURE. A well-rested mind makes fertile ground for thoughts and feelings that will translate to productive writing. Seeing a good movie can give you ideas. An interesting song can push you to write your own side of the story as far as love and other emotions are concerned. Hanging out with friends can lead to inspiring, insightful conversations, and during hiking, camping, or games, nature and interactions can prompt or inspire a writing effort.

Sometimes, my INTERESTS inspire me. I am a sucker for music, especially American and Nigerian hiphop, R`n`B, and pop. I also try to follow the music business religiously. So, it is not surprising that the first story I ever completed was one inspired by, and about, payola, the illegal practice of collecting bribes from musicians before their works can be given exposure by the media, especially radio and television stations.

Recently, I have begun to notice that many of my poems are inspired by SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS. I have written poems in response to Facebook posts (but will never put such poems on those Facebook conversation threads). I also have poems that are inspired by situations that have trended so much that they have got everyone`s attention and fired up emotions.

Now that I have mentioned emotions, ANGER - at the government, poor services rendered, man`s inhumanity, etc- inspires me too. So does PRESSURE, do not laugh. I have waited until the last moment to write this article because, I assure you, if I had tried to write this earlier, my thoughts will be less coherent. I would have struggled to begin to write. All of the writing tasks I engaged in while at the university were undertaken just before their respective deadlines. I know this, and I allow because it works for me. You may also try to know which emotion pumps you full of the inspiration you may need to write.

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