Free Essay on How Sex in Marriage Can Increase Spirituality and Belief in God

Published: 2022-06-09
Free Essay on How Sex in Marriage Can Increase Spirituality and Belief in God
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Civilization, especially in the Western nations, has been shaped by Christianity. Spirituality in Christianity talks about the incarnation that through Jesus, God believably took the flesh of human, and spirituality through Christianity claims that it is through the bodily life of Christ that salvation occurred as well as suffering and consequently death (Sherry et al. 2010). It is through this great belief that Christians find spiritual satisfaction through sharing Holy Communion, the body as well as the blood of Christ. In a bid to bolster this argument, additionally, Christians believe that following the death of Jesus Christ, they look forward to His resurrection. It further states that heaven is a bodily state and not just a spiritual state only. However, from the ancient start of Christianity, Christian thinking was that the spirit and the body were observed as great enemies. The purpose of this essay is therefore to establish the circumstances that sex in marriage rightly leads to an increase in spirituality and makes more people believe in God and know how that comes about.

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It is argued that the negativity of sex that is observed in Christianity did not actually come from the heritage of Jewish as argued by others. It did not rather even come from the Jesus' teaching or from the letters written by Paul. This is because even today, it has been observed that the teachings of the Jewish are positive towards sex. This has been confirmed by the fact that Jewish couples should have sex on the day of the Sabbath to kind of bless the day. At this stage, having sex is treated as a blessing by the Jewish society. Undeniably, according to the commandments of the Bible, the first command was for humanity and animals to be fruitful and multiply their numbers (Roberts, 2007). According to humans, to fulfill this Biblical command, people can only be fruitful and multiply through having sex with one another. Having sex makes human beings to feel spiritual as they hold a feeling of having satisfied one of the commandments that guides their stay in this world. In the Song of Songs too, without any focus to children, family or marriage, is an exclusive reference to romance and sexual love. All these are an indication that having sex in the marriage can possibly lead to increased spirituality and enhances people's beliefs regarding God as they hold a feeling of committing themselves to the God's commandments as stated in the Bible. Equally, the remarks of Jesus concerning sex only talks about divorce, adultery, as well as sexual obsession which are a lust in the heart. It would also be true to state that a Biblical argument posits that Jesus reinstated a susceptible relationship of homosexual by healing a centurion's servant (Helminiak, 2012).

In addition to the above, it is argued that Paul never deserved the blow he got when he talked about sex. What the Bible clearly states about homosexuality are observed in the Romans 1 which was not to convict this vice. The text is simply trying to oppose the Christian Community's rupture regarding the unrelated differences concerning the Jewish laws of purity. These laws included abomination, which was a ritual taboo of same male sex (Sherry et al. 2010). At the same time, Paul talks ill about marriage through discouraging it simply because he knew the world was ending soon as shown in the first Corinthians chapter seven. Though flexible in his advice, he states the sexual practices during his day. But in the Galatians 3, Paul further argues that all human beings are in one Christ and therefore dismisses the differences that exist between males and females. It would be important to note that the command that women should always keep quiet and subordinate themselves as stated in the first Corinthians did not come from Saint Paul's divine words but from other of his disciples who believed that sex is a spiritual exercise. It is true from the statements above that to some believers, spirituality is simply a pretext for sexual immorality and for others it is abstaining from sex altogether.

Later we observe Paul turning to those who regard sex as a dirty affair and who thereafter encouraged for celibacy. Corinthians live in a very disturbed world today considering how they conduct themselves sexually. The initial world of Paul's day showed a very biased assessment of sex, marriage and women. In his statement, Verrall who was a renowned classical scholar once stated that one of the major diseases that led to the death of ancient civilization was the low outlook of women. In linking sex and marriage and the belief held towards increasing spirituality in God, I looked at also the ancient rituals about circumcision (Brundage, 2009). It had been noted that female circumcision was largely practiced. This was a kind of surgical process purposely imposed on females but was of no single benefit to them but was just imposed so that they could not enjoy the sex. It is frightening to note the intention of the men who exposed women to such a weird practice. It is to date believed to be a very desperate and a selfish attempt by men to confine their women so that they are the only ones to enjoy sex and not women to enjoy the sex. Such men awkwardly believe that it is not a woman's duty to have pleasure of sex from a man. It seems that this ancient idea had been carried by some men to the modern times as you find that among some Christians and Pagans alike, some men still expects their women to offer them sexual pleasure any time they want it. But such men feel no obligation to do the same by sexually fulfilling the needs of their wives when they also need it (Helminiak, 2012).

It is therefore a revelation that the words of Paul regarding marriage and sex were direly required during his days as well as in the modern world. It is hence advisable that people should listen to the best education about sex that is available to them which are the God's words concerning marriage and sex as presented through Apostle Paul. The Bible succinctly states in Genesis chapter 2 that God warned that it is not fair for a man to live alone and that He would make to him someone who is appropriate to help him. This means that being alone is regarded by God as not good and that is the reason as to why He created Eve for Adam. This therefore highlights the content of the fact about the topic that sex in marriage increases spirituality and makes people to believe in God. In addition to the above statements, God did not only intent marriage and sex solely as a way to sire more children to the world but also as a means for a man to get happiness from his wife. Additionally, it is reflected in the New Testament that Jesus equally attended a wedding and miraculously provided wine when the supply decreased as stated in John Chapter 2 verse 1. Paul also assumes that deacons and elders of the church would get married and have children. He further encouraged young widows to marry and have husbands (1 Timothy 3:2, 12). It would be wrong to neglect the claim by Paul of his desire as an Apostle to lead in the talk about wife (1 Corinthians 9:5).

The person who wrote the Book of Hebrews equally talked about marriage in high spirit and appropriate way for enjoying sex between wife and husband. He did this by requesting that people should hold marriage with honor and respect and the bed of marriage should not be defiled for God will judge adulterers and fornicators (Hebrews 13:4). It has therefore, up to this point been generally observed that the Bible views marriage as the rule and the sole life as the exclusion. It is viewed as holy, good and righteous. Paul views those who prohibit marriage as something evil as false teachers (1Timothy 4:1-5). But as earlier stated in 1 Corinthians 7, that people must be confident in marriage as it is a gift received from God and that which many Christians receive and consequently enjoy (Brundage, 2009).

After Apostle Paul had used his wit to explain to the Corinthians the importance of marriage and about celibacy, he further illustrated the importance of sex and spirituality in marriage by explicitly stating that because of contrary sex activities like immorality, every man should have their wives and each woman should equally have their husbands. The chapter further stresses that the man should accomplish his duty to the wife and the wife to the husband. In line to this it is seen that the wife does not have authority over her body through the man does; equally, the husband has no power over his body and the though the wife has. The wife and husband are further requested not to deny one another, unless through agreement when they are devoting themselves to prayers after which they can rejoin together unless tempted by Satan due to lack of self-discipline (Wright, 2010).

It is evident that Paul does not stress that a woman should submit herself to her husband as if it her specific duty to derive pleasure from his wife, and also her role to provide happiness to her husband. He focuses about common suggestion in this case so that both partners are to subordinate their interest which is the pleasure derived from the sex to the interest of their partners. It is important for Christians to uphold the norm that they are required to marry and as a Christian couple, they should enjoy sexual relations regularly. It is equally noted that the Ascetics are wrong in their perception that sex is inappropriate and unspiritual even in the unions of marriage and it is believed that it is unnatural to abstain consistently from doing sex, it is equally observed as unholy. All these arguments back up the topic of the study that sex in marriage increases spirituality and makes people to believe in God. Undeniably, it is argued that for couples to prevent immorality, they must have a healthy sex life (Sherry et al. 2010).

This is because a pleasurable and healthy sex life between couples is an ordinary and usual release of sexual tension and hence it helps to prevent sexual dishonesty. It is true to state that moral sex in marriage is not an assurance that there will be marital faithfulness. In a situation where one person is not faithful in a relationship, it does not necessarily show that the partner who has been offended did not satisfy the other. David, had many wives who could satisfy his sexual needs, but he still engaged in adulterers acts. However, as had already been stated, Paul talked about sexual relations in marriage as a measure to prevent sexual dishonesty outside the marriage and that abstaining from marital sex is a recipe for temptation and enjoying marital sex helps to promote improvement.

It had already been stated that both wife and husband should involve eagerly in the sexual activity as their responsibility, both to God and consequently to their mate. It is not only the responsibility of the wife to submit herself to the husband, but the husband is equally informed to avail himself to the wife. In fact, it is the husband who is first commanded to avail himself to the wife after which the wife should give herself to the husband. Another argument states that a wife and husband is not supposed only to avail themselves of sex but also seek the ultimate pleasure for their partners (Roberts, 2007). Immorality is best guided by reaching the eventual happiness in a sexual union. The best way in which an individual can do to stay pure in a sexual relationship and to encourage the other mate to do the same is through the husband satisfying his wife sexually and the wife doing the same to her husband. Both the husband and the wife have no power to deny their mate sexually, and it is wrong to deny one's mate the happiness of sexual affection.

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