Career Advice Essay Samples

Published: 2018-02-13
Career Advice Essay Samples
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Writing jobs

Writing requires passion and self determination to truly and sincerely express your feelings or concept in words. A newbie in the freelancing industry needs to be ready to learn this basics and he/she must be able to create original piece work. The newbie should rely on other resources when necessary and use the outlined guide on how to use a copyrighted information without committing plagiarism.

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Being able to effectively write an original piece of paper is fundamental to all those new in freelancing. Minimizing plagiarism and avoiding it at all cost will make a newbie to rise to high ranks within a short period of time.

Time is one of the key component of a good writer. When one is new to writing, he/she has a relatively low speed of writing. Continuous writing and practice plays key role in the improvement of writing speed. The newbie therefore, should strive to improve his/her speed.

Following instructions is essential. The newbie should be aware that in any given piece of paper, the paper is bound to the instructions. Following instructions to the letter makes a good writer.

Freelancing industry requires a writer who can be able to access and use Microsoft Office and strong internet. Its therefore essential for the newbie to acquire the necessary skills and be able to access the internet. The internet will help with research and accessing the orders in the platform he/she is using.

How to be a good writer

In many cases, there is always pressure when coming up with the right profession to pursue in life. However, with proper advice and consultation, one arrives the one that an individual enjoys or is talented in. It is said that people who excel in life are those who love what they do, and writing is no exception. Being a challenging endeavor, writing also comes with its pros and cons. In connection, there are several things that an aspiring writer should know before pursuing the noble course of being a writer. First, for one to make a good writer, one is required to do a lot of reading. It is through pieces written previously by other authors that one learns different skills needed in the writing profession. Second, a good writer is one who makes things easy to understand for the readers. Many a time, writers confuse vocabularies for sophistication. A skilled writer will always have different ways of presenting the same ideas in a coherent, simple and understandable way. Additionally, good writers do not have specified time of writing; they can start writing a piece anytime and write about anything. This attribute makes the writer to develop an open mind and have lots of topics that potentially writable. Finally, a good writer keeps focus. After starting a piece of writing, it is wise to carry on till the end so that it will be easy when starting to work on another piece.

Creative writing jobs

Writing is a profession. Therefore, it has to be treated with utmost professionalism. If you are just starting your writing career, there will be key takeaways if you are to survive in the writing industry. First and foremost, you have understand that there are different forms of writing. For instance, there is academic writing, article writing, creative writing, blogging, etcetra. All forms of writing have their own styles and formatting procedures. Academic writing, as the name suggests is a form of writing mostly prevalent in the academic sector. It is the form of writing that is accepted by high schools, colleges, and universities. On the other hand, article writing is a form of creative writing mostly employed by businesses as a way to promote their products. Therefore, in article writing, creativity is a key ingredient. Article writing does not necessarily insists on a specific writing tone, however, most articles are written in first person. Academic writing always employs the use of the third person in its tone. This is because the third person tone provides the level of professionalism that is needed when writing research papers. Research papers demand the use of the third person because facts are reported instead of putting forth personal opinions. In academic writing, ideas have to be supported by evidence from past research. Therefore, if a writer's focus is on academic writing, he or she will have to learn the different formatting styles that accompany this form of writing. The key academic writing styles include APA, MLA, Havard, Chicago/Turabian, etcetra. There is need for a writer to know the difference between all these formatting styles. Academic papers come with special format demands and thus the need to have adequate knowledge in all these formatting styles. Therefore, a good academic paper has to be written in the correct formatting style, employs the use of good grammar and punctuation, and is written in a professional tone.

Another important element to note as a new writer is plagiarism. Plagiarism, is basically copying someone's else work without crediting the original author. With this in mind, the aspect of originality kicks in; a writer has and must always be original in his or her writing. A good writer is one who has the proper knowledge to gather ideas and synthesize them in such a way, which does not undermine the ethical standards of academic writing. Therefore, writing as a profession deserves the full attention it ought to be given. As a writer, you must be willing to learn new ideas everyday. Writing is a continuous learning process. Consequently, to be a good writer you have to be punctual and authentic. Meeting the quality standards of each of the papers you write means you got to give the paper the attention it deserves. You have to know that being an excellent writer does not come easy. It demands continuous dedication and perseverance. Good writers never give up but rather the challenges that come with writing motivates them to work and improve on their writing skills. If you put all these into consideration, you will be an excellent writer. Your clients will stick with you because of the high quality papers you deliver.

Last but not least, always read during your free time to enrich your ideas and skills. Reading is a basic necessity for every writer. If you do not read, you will have a blunt mind; a blunt mind is not creative enough. Therefore, if you want your mind to feed you adequately when writing, you will have to treat it as your companion as well as your best tool during this process.

Conclusively, writing is a process. There are different forms of writing. All forms of writing demands originality and creativity. There are no shortcuts in writing and hence you have to give it the attention it deserves. Happy writing!

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