Cardinal Richelieu Essay Example

Published: 2019-06-06
Cardinal Richelieu Essay Example
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The movie about Cardinal Richelieu is about three Musketeers joined by a young hotheaded would-be musketeer with the goal of stopping an evil plan against the king. Cardinal Richelieu, who seeks to form alliance with England, hatches the evil plan. Cardinal Richelieu disbands the Musketeers, and the cardinals right-hand man announces the same. However, these three refuse to follow the directive and instead vow to fight the evil plan by Cardinal Richelieu. The three Musketeers are Athos, Porthos, and Aramis and the fourth person who attempts to join is known as DArtagan. According to these musketeers, the plan is to reveal to all people in France of the evil plan by Cardinal Richelieu and protect the country in the process. For DArtagan, being a musketeer is the only way he can honor his father who was also a member of the Kings Guardsmen (Leitch, Ambrus, & Dumas, 2000).

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The journey of these musketeers is full of adventure, and they even fight amongst themselves. However, they finally choose to put their differences aside and focus on the mission. Cardinal Richelieuhatches a scheme in collaboration with Milady to steal jewels from the young queen and then use that to frame her as having an affair with the Duke of Buckingham. Cardinal knows that the king will declare war on France and appoint him to lead France. When the Musketeers learn of this, they set on a mission to get the queens jewels back before presentation during the royal ball to the king (Leitch, Ambrus, & Dumas, 2000). This movie is full of funny moments especially among the musketeers as they embark on their journey.

Based on this film, the setting is ancient and involves the rivalry between England and France. It shows how different politicians such as Cardinal Richelieu are willing to trigger awar for their selfish reasons. It also displays the value of a queen to the king since if the scheme is likely to cause war with no chances of negotiations. The fact that the Cardinal is sure of being put in charge of France should he trigger the war makes it interesting since there is a conflict of roles. In normal cases, Cardinals have places in the church and their role is the provision of spiritual services. In this case, the Cardinal is supposed to advise the King on thematter of running the kingdom in the right way by offering spiritual guidance. The movie also uses airships in battles, and that makes it much more interesting. Furthermore, the Musketeers engage in swordfights and fancy acrobatics to make the movie much more interesting.

Upon the analysis of this movie, it is evident that it has been produced to offer people mindless but harmless fun. Therefore, people looking to watch action an action comedy movie will find The Musketeers to be an interesting choice. This movie shows how schemes are hatched in different kingdoms and how different players benefit from the same. Some people are victims in the schemes but end up suffering the most. For instance, in the scheme hatched by the Cardinal, the queen would have been the innocent victim who becomes responsible for a war between two nations. It also shows that evil-minded people who could cost them their royalty can surround Kings. Therefore, this is an excellent movie based on the different ambitions that people have and their different levels of dedication to their work.


Leitch, M., Ambrus, V., & Dumas, A. (2000). The three musketeers. London : Dorling Kindersley.

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