Essay Sample: How Did the Market Revolution Spark Social Change

Published: 2019-05-30
Essay Sample: How Did the Market Revolution Spark Social Change
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During the 19th century there was an upsurge in the development of market prices. There was a revolution in the trading industry as well as the overall market that was liable for the increased production of goods as well as the buying and selling of commodities. Well, the market was the meeting point for most of the social gatherings; hence most individuals did meet at the market place. The exchange of goods and services were part of the socialization process. Thus, with the revolution of the market, social change was sparked up. It is evident that the increasing revolution enabled individuals to improve in their way of living and develop new ways of fitting in the new environment. The social dynamics were relevant with the market revolution. Initially, individuals used barter trade system but with the invention of new forms of currency, language was developed.

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For the market revolution to take place, there were certain key technologies that were invented to hasten the process. For one, the local and regional markets shifted into international markets. The first invention was the cotton gin founded by Eli Whitney. This cotton gin helped the factories process their cotton much faster. The other invention that steered the market revolution was that of John Deere who invented a horse pulled plough that was used during harvesting of crops.

The geographic location of America which was central offered a good and easy location for the development of agriculture. Furthermore, the economy of America was booming up due to the large number of investors that were dropping in, thus, the Americans were identified as superior by most countries. Moreover, due to the various inventions that were made by Americans, praises were usually given.

How did slavery shape social and economic relations in the Old South?

The slavery that affected the black men was disturbing. Many people were subjected to utmost suffering. It was common for the black men to be infringed with pain and extreme hardship that was all over the South. The white men were taken to be their superiors. This vividly affected the black population. However, the growing number of slaves did to some extent shape the social and economic relations. For one, the slaves offered new ways of life that the white men considered irrelevant but with the passing of time some of these new ways were adapted. Furthermore, some of the traditions that these slaves held in their former homes was brought into their new homes in the South America.

The economic part was shaped due to the fact that these slaves worked hard to till the land for produce. In addition to that, they worked on large plantations relentlessly. Their hard work was noted due to the fact that a lot of harvests were made during this particular time. The economy of South America improved progressively. The use of machines further improved their sales. More of the positive economic result was as a result of the hard work from the slaves.

In the 19th century, the number of institutions that were buying slaves was increasing at an alarming rate. This created suspicions within these institutions and the ability for purchase stalled due to much criticism from the members of the public. This scenario was dubbed corruption of the slaves. Besides, the number of those people criticizing other institutions; they too were buying the slaves. It was like a war between the white men. These increasing arguments led to debate on the reason why other institutions had more slaves to work on them. It was then documented that the only people to have slaves was the noble men.

At times, these slaves were used to carry out certain duties assigned to them by their seniors. Such cases prompted the public to question the authority for such actions. Today, the focus is on the impact of slavery on slaves but not the focus on the main reason for why they were taken as slaves. Judging by this factor, it is good to realize that many slaves were taken into custody to assist the white man to perform his or her duties. The slavery that continued corrupted the influence of the American institutions since many of them wanted to be in the slavery business. In addition to, some institutions took it as a mandate to sell the slaves through auctioning them in the public arena. This form of inhumanity created upheavals within these institutions. There was ultimate greed and money distortion from the people who were buying. The government became corrupt with greedy individuals that wanted to sell the slaves for their own selfish gains. It is important to note that slaves were not only from the black community but even in Greece slaves were from their own people.

For some reasons, slavery did corrupt the family, the religion as well as the law. So the question is how this possibly affected the family. To begin with, the families of many individuals did not want to work, so they bought slaves to the family to work for them. This made the family members to sit down and gossip instead of engaging in helpful activities. The law was also corrupted in the sense that new laws were set up only to favor the individuals who had money for the purchase of these slaves. At other times the slaves were made to fight in the arenas and kill one another just like in the Greeks history. Today the pro-slavery people could respond negatively to the beliefs of the initial occupants. Today, slavery is viewed as a form of inhumanity and not a form of corruption. The initial arguments only rotated on the fact that the slave was a lesser being and opted to be mistreated. However, with the signing of treaties and civilization of human beings, these acts are termed as inhumane.

Why did the expansion of slavery become the most divisive political issue in the 1840s and 1850s?

The expansion of slavery during the 1840s and 1850s became a political issue. Many governments wanted support from their citizens and so the only way that they could get support was through giving the people what they wanted. In this case, the people wanted people to help in their farms. Therefore, the leaders and those who were in power at the time decided to involve themselves in slave trade. It is worth noting that the more slaves one had, the more powerful he or she was. Slaves from war were increasing on a daily basis. The government officials were praised for their large acquiring of slaves. Further, the government resorted to solving their political arguments through exchanging of slaves.

How did a war to preserve the Union become a war to end slavery?

The Union that was formed posed a great challenge to the already existing institutions, thus, there was a war between the public and the government. For the war to be dealt with, certain measures were put in place to avoid extreme resistance. However, the masses pushed for the Union to be kept and not nullified. Thus, the war to preserve the Union enabled the slaves to find their freedom. The mandate of the union was to protect the rights of workers as well as individuals. As a result of this, the rights of the slaves were recognized. It was then debated on whether slavery was productive or not. Further discussions proved that slavery had their ups and downs and that the production of goods could subside.

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