Horror Genre in Filming, Free Essay for Every Student

Published: 2022-03-24
Horror Genre in Filming, Free Essay for Every Student
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In the line of storytelling or filming horror is holding a distinctive position for being among the popular genres. Horror genre originated from a Gothic literal tradition that had primarily developed in the 17th and 18th centuries in European countries. Horror stories came from religious and paganism theories. However, in the 20th century has changed Gothic to be horrific but combined with romance (Weaver and Ron). Horror films made in Germany were classified as expressionism films that gave a reaction or realism making the practitioners act in extreme levels to express their internal emotions that with much reality not only those shown on the surface.

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The setting of a horror film may be dark, in the woods, in an isolated house, graveyards or on long roads. The characters are maybe a group of friends, families, a young girl, an attacker or a masked person to hide identity and instill fear in viewers. Iconography should have dark colors to show danger, natural lighting, low key lighting and a weapon of choice. The storyline has people being persecuted, and they die mostly (Ndalianis 141). It may have distorted diegetic sounds from scary music.

Some of the horror filmmakers are John Carpenter, Alfred Hitchcock, Sam Raimi and many others. Raimi is a film director, writer, actor, and producer aged 58 from America and is famous for directing a horror comedy "Evil Dead series and Darkman. Hitchcock is an English producer and film director (Ndalianis 145). He was a pioneer of most techniques in psychology and suspense he has credits for Shadow of a Doubt, psycho and the birds. The dead evil series is a cult film aiming at college students on vacation in the woods in a secluded cabin. Shadow of the doubt by Hitchcock is based on a story of a teenage girl living in Santa Rosa, California.

The subgenres include; violence, dark costumes, sense of mystery, dreams, and others. The importance of horror genre in the art of film as it has influence into international community and eases the process of accepting issues through the use of optical elements (Anker 798). "Rosemary's Baby" and "Psycho" are noteworthy of the horror genre since they contain the frightening scene. The genre has changed according to how the world is evolving and the society is the contributor (Anker 800).

In conclusion, horror filming is great in the society for making people understand how the world has been evolving step by step by seeing the terror that existed in the olden day's wars, although sometimes it is very disturbing. The genre is important to the world of being a vessel in showing eras of the audience across the world in an effective manner.

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