Essay Sample on Home Depot Company Overview

Published: 2023-05-01
Essay Sample on Home Depot Company Overview
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The Home Depot Company is a retailer that focuses on home improvement and is located in the United States. The company sells a wide range of products which include home improvement products, building materials, garden products, and it also provides a wide range of services. The company serves customers who purchase the product and do the installation on their own, and it also helps customers who buy the products but hire a third party to do the installation for them. Lastly, it serves professional customers like renovators and general contractors. The following is an overview of the company.

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The company was started in 1979 in Los Angeles. Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank established it from a coffee shop; they had a vision of putting up a store that would offer a variety of goods at an affordable price with highly qualified staff (Crawford et al., 2018).In 1979, they opened the first two stores in Atlanta with the help of banker Ken Langone and trading expert Pat Farrah. In 1984 the company entered the New York Stock Exchange. By this year, the company was operating 19 stores, with sales surpassing 250$. As a result of all these expansion projects by the company, it experienced a financial problem which resulted in the fall of its stock price. By 1989, the company had managed to overtake Lowe's to become the most significant home improvement shop in the U.S. (Crawford et al., 2018). The company managed to launch an online home improvement store. With the company's commitment to give back to the community, it has been able to help communities and veterans around the U.S. The company has grown to 2200 stores that operate in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

The growth of the company globally has prompted a change in its organizational structure. The company uses a divisional organizational structure, but it also uses some functional organizational structure features (Jackson, 2017). Among the features of the company's organizational structure include; geographical division, global functional groups which is a feature of global functional organization, and global hierarchy. The geographical division feature is the most conspicuous in the company. This is located in Canada, the U.S, and Mexico. An executive president heads the U.S. division, and in the other two divisions, they are led by presidents (Jackson, 2017). When it comes to the global functional group, the company has a human resource management group that operates globally and a global merchandise group. The Global Hierarchy feature of the company is not dominant in the company's organizational structure. Globally, this feature has to do with the company's command and authority. At the store level, every store has a hierarchy in its organizational structure (Jackson, 2017).

The company makes money from selling its products and services. It sells a variety of products, which include home appliances, tools, hardware, building products, paint, plumbing, flooring example tiles, gardening and lawn equipment, and plants. The earning from services are mainly through doing installations. The company primarily operates in the U.S., Mexico, Canada (Hess, 2017).In these countries alone, the retailer has 2200 stores. The company has over 90 distribution centers in the U.S. In Canada, the company is one of the best home improvement retailer with 182 stores (Hess, 2017).In Mexico, it's one of the largest retailers with 120 stores. The retailer also has its operation in other countries like China, the United Kingdom, Chile, and Argentina. The company was ranked #21 on Fortune Magazine's most admired companies in 2019. In the same year, the company announced its new slogan, "How Doers Get More Done," which replaced the "More Savings. More Doing" slogan.

In conclusion, the Home Depot Company has been able to extend its operation to the global platform. Since its establishment, the company has managed to open many stores in different countries. It has been able to offer a variety of products and services courtesy of the trained personnel. The company has a very vital organizational structure that has been able to guide the company's operation. Despite facing a few challenges, the company has been able to develop further in selling goods and offering services.


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