Essay Example Dedicated to Aldous Huxley's Political Affiliations

Published: 2022-12-02
Essay Example Dedicated to Aldous Huxley's Political Affiliations
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Huxley developed the dystopian vision which had its basis on the dangers associated with materialism, issues of social engineering and the regulation of the government whose exercise was omnipresent. He had the belief that the visions brought to life some of the powerful ideas that would endure in modern political thoughts. This way, he challenged the readers to guard the precious aspects that were upheld for humanity. Huxley chose literature to spread his ideas of political thinking. He is able to successfully draw out his views hence making his literary offerings come with a philosophical purpose.

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The belief of Huxley is that he is fighting against what he refers to as a second heroic age of the economy. It was such that modern democracy had succeeded in the destruction of the European aristocracy. However, there was no suitable replacement offered. Thus, materialism, as well as the pursuit of material things was the only accepted morality that the public considered. He had much concern for totalitarian regimes that were found in Europe and imagined the horrific future that the people would face with this kind of government.

Huxley, in the midst of the governance crisis, had a belief that it was necessary to be ruled by elites. He continued to condemn violence from the totalitarian regimes and also governments that were pseudo-democratic because, for him, there was a need for virtuous means to gain virtuous ends (Sexton, 1989). His strategy was to use political tools such as propaganda and advertising so as to educate people and also generally influence the public to be a better society.

The political beliefs are connected to his works such that it was through his first two novels name "Crome yellow (1921)" and "Antic Hay (1923)" that he was known for being particular with the modern life among the people that by the time were educated and pretentious. According to Huxley, the definition of a better society was that it would be in a decentralized manner and it was also communitarian (Hausermann, 1933). Capitalism would be impossible with a society that was organized into communities that were self-governing and autonomous. This way, the success of capitalism was dependent on the great industrialist's ability and also that of the financiers who would build and hold monopolies.

The novel "Brave new world" is also termed as the novel of ideas whereby Huxley decided to pick up on optimism and create a kind of dystopian world which he then criticized. He tries to discuss the contrast between the state's motto of the world which is "community, identity and stability" and the case of individual freedom then goes ahead to talk about the technology that is used to control the society in the new world as well as the dangers related to genetical engineering (Kennedy, 1965).

The writings tend to offer a single possibility of salvation for the states which is through love. The danger being anticipated by Huxley can only be defended by the use of individual connection and also freedom. Huxley has much influence on other political theorists and the concern on neuropharmacology at the end of history. Their concern is not only the end of history but also the end of humanity itself. There is a need to redefine human nature in terms of spiritedness.


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