Free Air Pollution Essay Example

Published: 2019-05-27
Free Air Pollution Essay Example
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The severity of the consequences associated with pollution has been on the limelight recently with many countries now putting strict measures to curb or minimize the amount of pollution. Perhaps one of the most detrimental to both the environment and our human health is air pollution. In this paper we look into how air pollution affects our human health.

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Air pollution is regarded as introduction of harmful substances to the atmosphere in levels such that they would cause harm to the living things and the environment. With increased industrialization in most parts of the world, emission of greenhouse gases has risen annually with global predictions saying that it is expected to grow by 2.5% annually if measures are not taken (Vallero, 2008). Burning of fossil fuels is responsible for emission of these harmful gases to the environment

Carbon dioxide (CO2) accounts for 90% of all emissions responsible for the negative impact that is currently facing the world (Michal Krzyzanowski, 2005). According to the data for global carbon emissions produced in 2013, carbon emissions stood at 9.9 billion metric tons which is alarming. As a consequence we have seen increased global warming and change in weather patterns not forgetting the health implications caused by such pollution.

The introduction of these gases in high levels has affected the air quality which in turn has effected on our health (Bhola R. Gurjar, 2010). This widely affects the body respiratory system and cardiovascular system resulting in outbreak of health complications. These effects are commonly evident with physiological changes involved in difficulties in breathing, coughing and respiratory and cardiac conditions (Gerdes, 2011). Common respiratory diseases like asthma have been linked to pollution with some arguing that people who live in cities are more exposed and are likely to suffer from respiratory complications than their counterparts living in rural areas. The truth of the matter is, the impact air pollution has on human health is a serious matter that if not looked into will result into increased outbreaks.


Every person has a role to play in reducing the levels of air pollution through reduced burning of fuel. This can be through cycling or walking to your destination as opposed to driving your car. Planting of trees is another option that can help reduce the effect air pollution has on both our environment and human health (Colls, 2002).


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