Essay Sample: Why Do I Want to Enter the Dental Hygiene Profession?

Published: 2023-01-10
Essay Sample: Why Do I Want to Enter the Dental Hygiene Profession?
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After graduating from high school and turning into adulthood, I had no idea that one day I would apply for the dental hygiene program, at Plaza College. The majority in my early childhood felt like that was the right path for me. As a result, through what I have experienced it has become a stepping stone to where I am today.

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My interest in helping and educating others let me think that I could become a teacher in my future career. However, when I was put to the test, and I was to speak in front of many people. The experience from the encounter made realize that I was heading towards the wrong direction. Also, I learned that I had a fear of public speaking and therefore there was no way I could become a teacher with my anxiety.

One day while I was browsing on the internet for career path inspiration, the dental field was the most inspiring profession. As I continued to study on oral health, I applied to the New York School Medical and Dental Assistant. I earned certification as a dental assistant and graduated with the title of salutatorian of that year. During my internship period, I received employment with every other week the assistants scheduled to work with the dentist or hygienist.

Working at the clinic became my opener for my future career. As a result, my desire to enter the field of dentistry grew as I participated in the professional oral care program while observing a wide range of procedures. Through the opportunity to assist the hygienist, I had the chance to learn how they interacted with their parents. Watching them work was my entertainment and made me took advantage to ask the hygienist questions based on my interest. As a result, my curiosity in the field of dentistry increased while learning how oral health contributes to various diseases.

While working at the clinic, I noticed that the hygienist play an essential role in the office. Some of their responsibilities included teaching about proper dental care and working hand in hand with the patients. After a few weeks for a few weeks, while working as an assistant, I realized that my interest was no longer to become a hygienist. I was never dedicated and intrigued in my entire life to the point that I would go home and pretend that I was a hygienist. I could convince my family to open their mouths so that I could examine them voluntarily. I also became so common such that my nieces and nephews consulted me whenever they had a concern or had a loose tooth. They could say my hands were steady and gentle and could not cause them any pain. Although my employment at the clinic did not last more than a year, it was one of the best experiences I ever had.

A few months after becoming unemployed, I had a daughter and promised myself to continue chasing my dreams of becoming a dental hygienist. My acceptance of the dental hygiene program meant that I was to accomplish my goals for myself and the future of my child. I was to set an example so that she could see that no matter the obstacles that come your way, you can still succeed in following your dreams.

Furthermore, apart from being interested in oral health, I want to improve and utilize my knowledge for the betterment of dentistry. I feel incredibly passionate about educating people and leading them to a healthier lifestyle. I also believe that I have the academic strength, excellent communication skills as well as strong strength of character to become a successful dental hygienist. Through the guidance and mentorship that I will receive through this program, I am confident one day I will be able to serve my future patients better and ensure they have a better and healthier smile.

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