Hidden Connections - Essay Sample with the Book Review

Published: 2019-05-22
Hidden Connections - Essay Sample with the Book Review
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Over the years, there have been big eco-riots every time there is a trade summit that highlights the problems that people face in the world today. It is true that there are so many challenges that people face in their daily lives. The worlds economy is raising making life to be hard and unbearable for many people. Today, people are focused to work extra hard to be able to sustain themselves and their families. Poverty rates have gone high and people are finding it hard to live in almost every country in the world. Due to this, many great people including educators, historians, and researchers are trying to come up with theoretical solutions to the problems that people face today. Research reveals that business connects with the social and cultural activities of the people hence; the nature and behavior of humans contribute greatly to the vital decisions made in any business organization. In this essay paper, the work of Fritjof Capra through his book, Hidden Connections is exposed. His ideas and consumptions are revealed in this essay to the satisfaction of the reader or anyone who is interested to know the mayhems that people undergo today in their daily lives. Furthermore, through this paper a person can get to understand the hidden connections of systems on the planet.

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Just to mention, Fritjof Capra is a former physicist who has written several books with the aim of educating the society on how the planet can be made a better place for everyone. He emphasizes in most of his books the need of people to understand one another through their cultures, beliefs and moral values. Peoples culture varies from one community to another and it is clear that different people have different ways of tackling the problems that people face in the world. In his book, Capra tries to explain how these systems are connected to one another. He further explains several mechanisms that people and organization can use to create the much desired peace and unity in the world. He claims that the social system, the cultural system, and the ecological system are all connected to one another and to the economic system in general (Capra, 2003). The social life that people live with each other is vital and should be considered at all times before making crucial decisions (Gumboh, 2013). For example, any given ruling government should make good governing decisions that accommodate almost every persons desires in a particular country. Research reveals that the outcomes of decisions made by a ruling board of an organization or a country can be either positive or negative. Therefore, the social life of people cannot be put aside. It is clear that the cultural systems define the way people live in a community. People from different parts of the world eat, worship, and wear differently. Therefore, it is wise to note that decisions made in organizations located in different ecological places vary depending on what the local people believe in.

In The Hidden Connection Capra explains the how the living system of people can be used by management consultants in managing an institution or an organization. He acknowledges the efforts of workers in industries and challenges decision makers to consider so many things as they manage the big industries and institutions on the planet. He says that the living system narrows down to the cognitive networks that come in existence through virtues and values that people in the society uphold (Goldbard, 2006). However, the mechanical systems are more complicated and act according to the norms of an institution. It is hard to change the norms and culture of any given big co-operation. Just as mentioned above, making changes that affects many people leads to outcomes that are largely connected to the decisions made. Good decisions of change can really boost the positive connection between the workers and the management personnel of an organization. On the other side, poor decisions made can cause wrangles leading to strikes and boycotts which in-turn affects the economical situation of the organization. To cub the negative results, it is wise for the management consultants to learn the hidden connections that exists between the social cultural systems and the economic system.

Capra devotes the first half of Hidden Connections to introduce systems science. He gives very many reasons and examples why he things very many things are connected. Moreover, he gives reasons why culture is important within people living close to one another. However, in the second part he comes out firmly supporting the fact that people should embrace organic systems and neglect the mechanical systems to help solve the many challenges that the world is facing today. He outlines the major issues that affect the worlds economy and peoples lives. For example, lack of better living standards, lack of employment, and food shortage in the world associating them with the decisions made by the governing bodies.

It should be noted that, Capra challenges the dewy-eyed proposers who claim that they have found the solution to the food shortage problem in the world mostly in the third world countries (Goldbard, 2006). In his book is claims that they do not give a clear evaluation on how genes and genetics as a whole work. In as much as the world is trying to solve problems people should not engage in activities that will in the end affect the lives of people or pollute the environment. Clearly, there is a connection revealed at this point, where the human activities can affect the living system of not only the humans but also of other living organisms on the planet.

In addition, it is true that the outcomes of the biotechnological experiments are uncertain and hard to predict. This raises big technical issues that might face rejection from human activists (Capra, 2003). The people who try to fight for human health rights and protest against issues that affect people negatively. Everything done basing on few peoples decisions should always consider the impacts that they may cause to the lives of others. The check and balance has to be perfect where decisions and changes made daily ought to match the living conditions and desires of the human community. To make it more interesting, Capra, argues that a peoples culture can change depending on the daily activities that take place in the world. For example, the cultures of people in the developing countries was changed by their colonizers who brought them new ideas that were better compared to their previous beliefs and ideologies.

Furthermore, in his book, Capra also reveals the impacts of deregulation of trading activities that are today so common all over the world. He does this by giving a clear demonstration of trading activities and their progress over the past ten years. Wasteful economic activities are common and the human nature has changed negatively. There is a clear connection between the economic system and the living system according to Capra. When people become economically stable, they neglect certain important moral values taught in the society (Capra, 2003). They tend to forget their past problems and engage in activities that wastes lots of their money and time. On the other side a person with minimum economic power will engage in activities that might hurt others in the society. For instance, a person with no employment can decide to become a robber disturbing the peace and security of a place. Therefore, it should be the aim of every government to ensure that their citizens are well served through provision of good services in the country.

The aspect of globalization and how it is helping to improve the worlds economy is revealed in Hidden connections. Through modern communication and networking, the globe today is a better place for business transactions where businesspersons communicate with clients all over the world. He appraises the efforts put in the communication industry because he believes that unity in the world is the key to success and therefore, when people all over the world are communicating they exchange ideas that can alter their lives positively. The life science is important because learners get to understand the importance unity and social cultural activities that take place in the world. Just to mention, globalization enables people to learn from one another. Furthermore, it exposes people to great opportunities in life. In the current time, a student in Africa can get connected and be able to get job opportunities in foreign countries overseas and the cycle is reversible.

However, Capra gives a detailed summary on why he things biotechnology affects people and the risks of using it to produce food for the increasing human population. At this point readers get to understand that the human health should be the first priority when coming up with decisions affecting many people. In as much as leaders and researchers in world are trying to solve the problems that people face they ought not to forget the cultural values and the negative impacts that can pop out in their missions. The world is indeed facing many challenges in the Agricultural sector, the construction of many industries and presence of many oil driven locomotives really influence the climatic conditions of the globe leading to global warming hence affecting the production of food stuffs in the world. In addition, the increase of the worlds human population has really posed a negative challenge because the amount of food to be produced as to be increased so as to cater for the need of everyone on earth.

Briefly, in his book, Hidden Connection Capra gives clear explanations of how systems science connects. Through his work, readers get to understand the need of unity in the world hence challenging them to embrace globalization and networking. The social system, cultural and economic system are all connected and every single decision made on earth should be accounted for. The world should be a better home for every creature living in it.


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