Essay Sample on The Adventures of Robin Hood Movie

Published: 2019-08-30
Essay Sample on The Adventures of Robin Hood Movie
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The adventures of Robin Hood is among the greatest films of all time especially advance by the colorful use of costumes and the drama mixed with romantic undertones in the story line. Warner Bros decided to bring freshness into the film industry of film by creating one of the most talked about films in the history of movie making. Considering the restrictions that were placed on the film industry during the time the film came out, it was a deviation from the lackluster films that had permeated the industry bearing lack of creativity and passion. This paper is going to give a critical analysis of The Adventures of Robin Hood and the aspects that truly make the film a great one worth acclaim.

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Michael Curtiz, the director of the film manages to create a film that was relatable to the audience yet entertaining. This is done by the choice made in the lead role as portrayed by Errol Flynn. Flynn is depicted as a handsome young man with strong but gentle qualities, which lends a romantic charm to the film. This legend and hero draws the attention of the audience since heroism and legendary stories have an engaging effect that the director manages to capture in a very convincing and entertaining manner. The film employs creativity in expertly crafting and telling the story of a hero named Robin and his followers who managed to save England from imperial treachery instituted and advance by noblemen. The noblemen took advantage of the Kings absence to rain terror on the people. The story is told in an almost romantic or fairy manner with wistful gallantry, colorful spectacle, simplicity and the righteous victory of good over bad. The film in its creativity leans heavily on the aspect of good over bad as a theme that human beings relate to and witness in everyday life. The film also features good and interesting action that is refreshing to the viewer and enhances the story line and the role of the lead character.

The films photography is splendid and brilliant and the use of color works to make it even more interesting. The scenes that feature the greenery of the forest and the colorful costumes that define ach character ensure that color lends the film both aspects of reality and fairy quality. However, all these are aided massively by the use of witty conversations and exchanges among the characters. The casting of the film is superb in the sense that the characters are high-spirited, exciting and action oriented in their different roles all directed at making the film the greatest film ever produced. The direction of the action scenes features believable stunts that are also hilarious and captivating. The contrast between the action scenes and the soft romantic scenes create a perfect balance within the story making it one that transcends eras. In this respect, The Adventures of Robin Hood is as relevant today as it was in its time. The film is also as interesting to todays viewers as it was to the audience of the time gone. The scenes with the arrows flying and the adventures encountered during the course of the film point to an excellent script brought to life by equally excellent direction and production

The films production and direction is done in a manner that borrows themes from ancient love ballads and fairy tales yet these aspects are tailored to suit the viewership of that time. The opening of the film features a long historical prologue that places the films setting in England in the 12th century. The storyline of the film is also relatable to the political environments that span ages. It is suffice to say that The Adventures of Robin Hood is a classic that can be used to describe political and societal ills in the world regardless of region or class or time.

The Last Supper by Leornado Da Vinci

The Last Supper is a painting by the legendary Leonardo da Vinci in 1948. The painting features the last supper of Christ with his disciples. The paintings greatest feature is in size which is fifteen by twenty-nine feet; a distinct aspect since paintings are normally relatively smaller in size as they are made to be displayed or hand on the wall. The paintings subjects are depicted in a very humane manner. Leonardo achieved this by painting facial expressions on the subjects that display emotions that can be identified.

The second feature that makes the painting interesting is the use of perspective creatively as a technique. The perspective employed by the artist directs the viewers attention to the head of Christ as a focal point. It also ensures a detailed view of every element of painting with a special focus that directs viewers attention to the compositions midpoint. This is a good example of a one-point perspective in art. It is also interesting that the painting is a depiction of an acclaimed actual event in history rather than the subject of the painters imagination. However, in imagining and painting the scene of the last supper, Da Vinci manages to bring to life a concept that people have read about but not actually witnessed.

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