Religion Essay Example: Empathy Simulation

Published: 2019-11-04
Religion Essay Example: Empathy Simulation
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Mentor: Welcome, let us begin with a word of prayer. Heavenly Father, we thank you for this day and this session we are about to have with this young man. I pray that you will be with us and guide us through the discussion. May you open our minds and speak to us. Reveal your intentions to us and may your spirit minister to us as we open up to you.

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Mentee: Thank you. Amen.

Mentor: Tell me about yourself

Mentee: My names are Frederick Moses, I come from Tennessee, and I am a believer in Christ. I came to know Christ when I was a young boy living with my parents. They always said that I should fear him and pray to him. I always had a passion to work for him through serving in ministry.

Mentor: How can you define your current relationship with God as a young person?

Mentee: There are several challenges along the way as I try to be perfect, I realize that I have to interact with the outside world, some of whom are non-believers. It is challenging, that is why I always pray about it and seen intervention.

Mentor: Do you view yourself as a positive influence towards your age-mates to build a relationship with Christ?

Mentee: Yes, I have always been a positive influence towards my age-mates. Personally, I have participated in forums that bring young people together for discussions and sharing. I have not allowed my friends to influence me negatively because we are the light of the world.

Mentor: Do you feel that it is easier for an adult to be active in ministry?

Mentee: No, I believe that we have to work in strengthening our faith and becoming better people. Everyone faces personal challenges in their walk with Christ thus it is not easy for anyone.

Mentor: I like your attitude about Christ and Christianity. Have you tried networking with other young Christians to find out the challenges that they face?

Mentee: Yes, I attend local Bible Study groups where we share on scripture and personal experiences in spirituality and faith.

Mentor: What drives you daily to remain in Christianity and spread the gospel?

Mentee: I believe that I have been called be a light to the world. We have to provide salt so that people can taste Christianity through us. Therefore, my drive is to fullfill the promises in scripture.

Mentor: Who has been your greatest inspiration in your life?

Mentee: My parents and my local pastor, they have guided me in knowing who I am and the role I play in Christianity.

Mentor: Do you believe that each experience is a test from God which makes you stronger?

Mentee: Yes, tests come along the way to make one firm.

Mentor: What would you advice other youths who are struggling in Christianity?

Mentee: I would tell them to always read the scripture and not to rely on their understanding. Prayer must be the key pillar in all actions.

Mentor: Where do you envision yourself in the next three years?

Mentee: I would like to venture into family ministry and specifically deal with young families because they need guidance in raising their children.

Mentor: Thank you for attending the session.

Mentee: Thank you too. It has been great.

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