Healthcare Policy Essay Example on Impact of Affordable Care Act

Published: 2022-09-06
Healthcare Policy Essay Example on Impact of Affordable Care Act
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ACA is the affordable care act established in the United States of America over the years, and it has increased the probability of access to medical care. ACA provides insurance to Americans hence reducing the number of the uninsured Americans while improving access to care for those who are covered. Notably, this act of the administration will have a more significant impact on the health institutions providing health care to the citizens. For the case of the non- profit making care facility like this one that deals with the care of patients with mental illness, it may have impacts such as increased number of clients and increase the expenditure of the entire faculty. Since insurance coverage is provided, almost all the people suffering any mental illness will freely find their way to this care unit for the services are affordable. People will not fear to access the services rendered by this care faculty, and this will turn out increasing the number of the patients being handled (Amadeo, K. 2015).

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One of the key benefits to the non-profit making health care institutions in the united states of America is that they are exempted from paying taxes. Majority of the non-profit making institutes are exempted from mostly the following taxes; federal tax, state tax, and local taxes. All these favorable tax status provided by the administration in the United States of America is intended to act as an acknowledgment for the community benefits provided by such health care institutions to the Americans (Dawes et al. 2016). Community benefits are primarily the charity care whereby patient health care services are provided for free or at a reduced charge which is mostly conducted by these non-profit making institutes in the United States. However, all the non-profit healthcare faculties have to meet these community benefit requirements to enjoy the tax exemption advantage from the government.

To qualify for these tax evasions the health care faculty to extend it financial services freely or at reduced cost care to the patients unable to pay for them at their normal state of living. The implication of the ACA in the united states will be of greater importance to this non-profit healthcare unit for it will increase their tax evasion position to a different level since the will enhance their community benefits, that is because the number of patients being cared at the institution will most likely increase. Rather than the tax evasion benefit, this institution may also face some challenges such as being in a position to be unable to meet their expenses. Since now the health care services are provided at reduced cost, this may make them unable to attend their need such as payment of staff when they accrue (In Mulligan et al. 2018).

Challenges may force such healthcare institutions to get involved in lobby activities where the call for a dialogue with the government to discuss on the matters of ACA on issues like the cost reduction measures and the benefits attached to them. Obama remains to be a very spectacular leader in term of supporting the healthcare as a unit and involving many people in the daily activities. Healthcare should be made available to most people in various states to help in meeting the best healthcare for the whole population. Most health facilities in the USA have empressed on the new acts of making healthcare affordable to its citizens. Affordable care act has helped people in the United States by making them capable of accessing the healthcare services.


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