Essay Example: Health Systems Thinking

Published: 2023-08-20
Essay Example: Health Systems Thinking
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Healthcare management is mandated to make the system of institutions trustworthy to the clients and the stakeholders. This type of administration is achievable through complex adaptive systems. The use of system thinking in management comes with institutional benefits where the managers and the executives are mentored to have investigative concepts for issues before taking reactions. Also, system thinking will perform better in the promotion of adequate theoretical models of tackling various risks and minimize the duplication of academic efforts. By doing so, the executives promote unity and teamwork in healthcare institutions, for example linking nurses to casual attendants and nutritionists for better patient care. In health organizations, classical pilgrims are attained through system thinking. The majority of health organizations are complex adaptive systems (CAS). Thus, the sector requires the coevolution of strategies, self-organization, and emergency reactions. These development attributes rely on executive creativity and innovation, which is better applicable in a system thinking setting.

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As Johnson argues, system thinking means that transformational health administrative leaders should apply system thinking for the betterment and extension of the health system. The Healthcare sector in the United States of America relies on senior to junior worker work adaptability and management. The view of an organization determines the level of performance that leaders will give. These components of delivery are bettered by system thinking- applicability of the strongholds, weaknesses, risks, and solutions in the formulation of training and law inaction to the junior workers. The objectives should drive leaders and executives in the healthcare mission and vision alignment. Although the leaders should be strict to the workers, they should apply system thinking to formulate an "invisible" plan while dealing with junior workers and healthcare departments to avoid confrontations or allegations of discrimination. A healthcare leadership panel will show responsibility, respect, community service, reliability, and cultural diversity through system thinking. Human resource management should apply system thinking in dealing with patients and workers to create a conjunction of the department and improve the services- HRM has the mandate to critically enhance operations and welfare.

Four toolbox approach is better for clinician education, leadership, and practice. In this application field, systems thinking is responsible for the formulation of the rules-based in care, source control, and safety for the patients. In a clinician's education, system thinking must be applied to ensure perfect delivery. Clinicians play a tremendous and complex role in any healthcare institution. Therefore the national patient goals must be adhered to through the quality tutoring of clinicians. System thinking better applies in the Lives campaign, which impacts better institute healthcare improvement (IHI) triple aim. Nursing is the best platform for the attainment of this IHI vision. In this token, system thinking enhances the RN to see patterns, predict outcomes, and apply experience in better healthcare. The system thinking for the nursing purpose should be integrated with the learning programs, NSN, and other higher learning. By so doing, the medical practice will attain the seven domains of competent delivery. Local and physician training should register system thinking for the recombination and creation of interaction between health providers and the general environment.

In public and global health, system thinking plays a significant role in relating population, geographical and cultural factors to the demand for service and best delivery methods. The Institute of medicine (IOM) needs this strategy in the national cancer institute (NCI) statement application. The statement is based on cancer fights, as it is a top concern in human health. Globally the assessment, assurance, and policy evolution by WHO requires system thinking for the care of the needs proposed by the healthy people initiatives. More so, system thinking gives sustainable development goals for the good health and well-being of the public. Levels of system changes across the globe require better personnel in health policy and system research (HPSR) for diseases of general effects like chronic disease and diabetes. Therefore resource allocation and distribution worldwide require system thinking in ensuring public health equality.


Johnson, J. A., Anderson, D. E., & Rossow, C. C. (2018). Health Systems Thinking. Jones & Bartlett Learning.

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