Essay Sample on the Biggest Clothing Retail Shop: Uniqlo

Published: 2022-03-01
Essay Sample on the Biggest Clothing Retail Shop: Uniqlo
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Uniqlo has been an exporter of its brand of the Japanese low-costly and quality casual-wear all over the world. Uniqlo is a retail company that has steadily changed from a Japanese chain to a Global apparel territory. The company has cautiously repositioned and has been attractive to wider multicultural clients with no loss of its Japanese- an aspect that has glanced with a technological way of communicating with the consumers, the case of clothing designs. The company executive has been dedicated toward transforming the company and makes it successful and competes fairly (Zhao and Balague 307). The company used to manufacture in China and sold the products in Japan and it has considered manufacturing in the world and market to the world. This is a transition that entails international brand recognition with the reflection of needs to compete with the large competitors such as H&M and Inditex. Uniqlo offers its products at reasonable prices. When comparing the company older ads, the store seems to target the older people. However, new adverts are different from older ones. It is evident that the target consumer group for the company is everyone (Queiroz and Oliveira). In addition, the company accounts for the fact that there is the need to offset slowly the recent decline in domestic market sales. The change has rapidly required crucial changes in the company culture within and externally the marketing standpoint. Uniqlo external communication (global marketing and advertising) has unfalteringly changed. All through the company has emphasized much on creative campaigns such as music, dance, color and use of internet instead of words and other traditional methods of marketing. Such tactic ensures that there is maximum "inclusivity" of the company while approaching consumers and ensuring that potential and existing customers are in a position to get engaged with the firm and understand the marketing message (Zhao and Balague 305).

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Through diversification, Uniqlo has emphasized much on digital marketing since the company believes there is a power of connecting the web capable of overcoming language barriers while expanding internationally. Additionally, the company maintains the fact that images tend to speak thousand words and music and images go beyond language (Queiroz and Oliveira). Combination of web and emphasizing much on sound and image will be tremendously powerful while coming up with international campaigns. Uniqlo maintains the innovative vision of digital field which was initiated in 2007 after Uniqlo took the Uniqlock online advert. This viral marketing plan was planned to create international awareness and it had to feature a clock with slivered snips of well composed catchy and dancing sprawl music with timing to match the ticking. The advert was run all year around for 24/7. During summer time, dancing girls wore polo t-shirts while during winter, midnight and cashmere they catnapped (Zhao and Balague 310). The creative and easy implementation of the campaign ads assisted in propelling the local clothing company that was not even domestically accounted as fashionable but acquired the status of hip marquee within a short period. The communication was strategized toward communication with clients in a manner that traveled across the globe. During that time, Uniqlock and web tool were considered as quite advanced. It incorporated the blog doohickey where the clock was entrenched to the blog sites. The dance was used since it was globally understood and lacked barrier as the case of languages (Queiroz and Oliveira). Uniqlo was able to work out with 70 million blogs globally which was a powerful buzz-creating medium and the doohickey was devised with the bloggers. Within a year there were almost 27,000 widgets from 76 diverse nations that were in circulation and website and widgets with the campaign were viewed more than 68 million times in 209 diverse nations (Zhao and Balague 315).

Due to globalization, the Uniqlock web has been used as "a placeholder for ideas" which later turns to be the fodder for bloggers and blogs. In addition, creative concepts have been emotional, innovative, entertaining and fun with clear and evident principles of Uniqlo campaigns. With the marked success of "Uniqlock" entailing digital elements of the company advertising campaigns has remained significant. By the time of releasing Uniqlock, the company campaigns were digital. Uniqlo jump campaign by the company utilized idiosyncratic video and audio for advertising the firm winter/autumn collections. The company employees all over the world were photographed while jumping with the new collections and the films and images were shared via Youtube, Flickr, and other blog posts before launching of the company official marketing site. The company digital marketing department is in full pace with campaigns having the capacity to take sale-driving elements and brand-building (Zhao and Balague 311). Through digital presence, Uniqlo has attracted customer engagement with a shift of adverts from payable media to owned media. By the end, such strategies will be effective in a manner the brand will increase strengthen the relationship with the consumers (Queiroz and Oliveira). There was the simple web-connected wit the company online retail sites in the UK, US, China, and Korea together with TV adverts. The site feature attractive catwalk that allows the web users have a capacity of exploring the cloth range worn by models. The web has been able to develop personal fashion experience and with few clicks via online retail store for customers in China, Europe, Korea and Japan spotting model clothed with something attractive.

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