The Health Policy Focus, Free Essay from Our Database

Published: 2022-02-23
The Health Policy Focus, Free Essay from Our Database
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In 2010, the Affordable Care Act was enacted, thereby transforming the lives of millions of American citizens. The healthcare policy was aimed at decreasing the number of Americans who did not have healthcare insurance, thus making health insurance accessible to all American citizens. The Policy thus created health care centers for citizens without insurance to purchase Medicaid. The policy employs the use of the carrot and sticks tactic to handle the advancement of insurance enrollment.

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With the enactment of the ACA, it was mandatory for all adults to have healthcare insurance or face paying the penalty; and medium salaried people get endowments of premiums to acquire health insurance. The policy should be changed notably since the individual mandate has by and significant been disagreeable and has been blamed and criticized because it is oppressive and intrusive, sometimes on progressively even minded grounds that it is inadequate as a goad to enlist. The proposal affects American children due to the hefty fines of up to $347.50 imposed and thus attracts financial and medical hardships.

Value Proposition

The elimination of the mandate would make fewer people get sponsored inclusion on any exchange regarding health insurance (Roberson, 2018). It would enable bosses to in any event conceivably pay lower fines identified with any infringement of the business command, and now and again could allow managers to abstain from paying any such penalties possible. By advocating for this change, the organization is set to realize its mission of providing universal healthcare while at the same time cutting costs on operations, thus promoting a good employer-employee working culture.

Supporting Evidence

The proposal seeks to change the individual mandate. As per the Affordable Care Act, the section for the Individual Mandate necessitates that all grown-ups and children to pay a fine for not having medical insurance. The mandate has been called one leg of the health care policy and Patient Protection "three-legged stool" (Gruber, 2010). During the making of a social insurance change, coming full circle in the section of the ACA in 2010, guarantors and other market specialists battled that the order was entirely essential for a pragmatic individual. With the part of the "Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017," there are restored concerns identified with the soundness of the individual market (Gruber, 2010). The mandates fines are very high, thus imposing high protection support rates. In any case, the requirement of the punishments has not been exacting enough to accomplish the order's full strategy points.

Proposed Solutions

Some of the improvements to the community health and national health care policy include:

A citizen bolstered plan with a low salary deductible. The deductible would guarantee that individuals settled on cost-cognizant decisions, and would lessen the government deficiency effect related to financing such a framework (Hofler, 2006). For higher-pay individuals, deductibles would be steep, with the end goal that they secured just calamitous wellbeing costs. Lower-salary people would confront littler deductibles, and Medicaid could be saved for minimal wealthy.

Another step would be to enable Private Insurance to supplement the Basic Plan. People would be allowed to get special protection to enhance the essential wellbeing plan, for instance, to help spread expenses under the deductible, and to give protection to administrations let alone for the fundamental advantage.

Nonetheless, the implementation of this change would initiate a legislative process which would require the change advocacy to drafted into a bill (Longest, 2002). The bill will then be sponsored by a representative from which it will be assigned to a committee for perusal and close examination (Hofler, 2006). Upon release by the committee, it is put on a calendar after which it undergoes a vote, is debated and or amended if needed. Suppose it passes by a simple majority of 218 votes out of 435, then it is presented to the Senate for further debate and enactment after that.

A significant concern with the usage of the individual mandate did not result in gradual gains in business supported protection investment over those accomplished by express motivators, for example, ideal duty treatment and employer endowments for medical coverage inclusion as seen in 2014. As such, the organization should adopt a policy change since the potential fines imposed on neglects to offer the least fundamental composition. Also, the arrangement change would enable managers to at any rate possibly pay lower fines identified with any infringement of the ACA's Individual Mandate, and sometimes could allow bosses to abstain from paying any such fines conceivably.

Therefore, a strategy to deliver the message or vision for change to those affected would be through supporting yearly state administrative days and leading policy change workshops, all intended to offer the affected persons the chance to get familiar with current social insurance issues and the authoritative procedure. The policy change advocacy development denotes the exact adoptions and proceedings which are compulsory for an arrangement to be planned, well-thought-out, lastly actualized or potentially saved.


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