Essay Example: My First Intimate Relationship as a Life-Changing Experience

Published: 2022-03-01
Essay Example: My First Intimate Relationship as a Life-Changing Experience
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Relationships can be tough for most couples. I have experienced couples from my neighborhood divorce and lastly engage in costly custody battles. Fortunately, I come from a loving family where there is love, friendship, and commitment. However, most teenagers and young people do not understand the meaning of dating and being a close relationship. Since high school, I have witnessed my friends date and break up after a few days. I could not understand why this culture has grown tremendously that it has extended in marriages. I hadn't been in a relationship before but I was hoping to find a person I could share my life experiences with at an intimate level. Fortunately, I was lucky to find a partner named Kelvin, an amazing young guy who understood me well and I understood him too. However, "you never miss the well till the water runs dry." My first relationship became a life-changing experience that has nurtured my personal growth and I have learned to appreciate people especially individuals committed to their relationships.

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Since the beginning of time, human beings have always searched for intimate partners to share their life with. My grandfather always told me, "No man is an island. One day, you will find someone to love even though you might see at the moment." I never took his words seriously because I was always occupied with other things such as school, family, and friends. However, his words came to fruition when in met Kelvin. Our date life picked up smoothly and I fell into the relationship hook line and sinker. We cared deeply for each other and I was always bought gifts and flowers. It was an amazing experience. I remember once we were watching an action film while taking some popcorns and soda. I felt at peace and secure in his arms. "Kelvin, you really rock my world." I proclaimed. "What have I done ooh?" He asked. I responded by explaining how he made me feel like treasured, loved and protected. By the way, Kelvin always asked for my consent in some of the projects we engaged such as choosing an entertainment film to watch. It made me feel that we were truly made for each because I felt we had an unbreakable 'ionic' bond, a term I had picked up in one of my chemistry classes.

As time passed on and our relationship had grown, I had become accustomed to gifts that I felt I needed something more. It was normal for me to be treasured with a variety of things like going out for a date night, watching movies and listening to music. We never partied much because we understood the importance of living a decent life, respecting our parents because they trusted us. However, I fell into the trap of comparing my relationship with those of my friends. They always posted photos of weekend parties, drinking alcohol and all sought of crazy things that teenagers engage in. My attitude towards Kelvin changed for I felt I wanted something more, party and hanging out with friends. I started nagging him that I forgot all the good things he did for me. It reached a point that I started skipping our study time to hang out with my female friends so that I could be updated about their love-life. Listening to their stories made me discern for more. "OMG!" You can't imagine how much drinks and fun we had last weekend." One of my friends commented. I was curious that I wanted to experience this fun they kept saying. Little did I know that I was ruining my relationship with Kelvin. It reached a point that we broke up because Kelvin was sick of my complaints like we did no hang out with friends and had creative fun. After two months of our break up without communication, I came to learn that Kelvin really loved me and wanted the best for me. Unfortunately, I was blinded by destructive relationships that held no commitment, love, and friendship because some of my friends exchanged partners like shoes. I couldn't help but reminisce all the good times we shared with Kelvin. His absence in my life made me long for the time we spent together. Sometimes people do see the blessing before them and they often complain and lose it all in the pursuit of fantasies.

Kelvin and I met in one of a family organized a party where we were to know our relatives and some of the close family friends were invited too. My cousin Jim had come along with his best buddies and Kelvin amazingly was one of them. I couldn't help but shy away when his handsome gaze was directed in my direction. After feasting, he approached me and we got to know each other. Before I could realize, we were laughing and ultimately exchanged contacts. After the party, we continued communicating chatting through text messages and phone calls. We became too close that we fell in love with each other and our intimate relationship mushroomed since then.

In conclusion, my first relationship was very interesting. I learned the importance of true love that it entails friendship, commitment, and care. However, the most important lesson that I learned is that one can never miss the water till there is no more water in the well. I was lucky enough to find a guy who cared about my wellbeing and treated like a princess. However, I was blinded by my friends' influences and encounters that I forgot how Kelvin was important to me until I lost him. I always miss him and would want to renew our relationship because it was amazing but guilt has engulfed my heart. People should learn to treat those around them well and should never mistreat them. Their importance will appear when they are no longer around.

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