Why Is Trade School a Good Alternative to College? Free Essay

Published: 2019-09-11
Why Is Trade School a Good Alternative to College? Free Essay
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Education has become of the major things of concern that every parent wishes to give to his/her child. However, education is not something that everyone likes. Some people prefer to venture into some other things after they graduate from high school. To them, going to college is not what they like to consider after high school; instead, they prefer to go to a trade school. This paper will examine the significance of going to trade school instead of college.

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The journey after completion of high school education is challenging and difficult for many students especially when the parents dictate everything that happens in their lives (Stern, 2015). However, those who get the privilege to make the choice on their own or have understanding parents prefer to make a choice that can annoy many parents. Most parents prefer to take their children to go colleges so as to get an office job. Most people also prefer the office jobs instead of trade activities. For many years, trade schools have been considered to belong to a class of people who have not passed the high school level or who have not gotten a grade that can take them to the next level, college (Stern, 2015). However, some students prefer to make the choice even if they have passed the high school. Therefore, we cannot argue that going to college is essential or preferable than going to trade school before we examine it critically. Therefore, it is important to understand the reasons behind going to trade school instead of college so as to make assumption after we have understood the concepts involved.

For many students, going through the college education system is a lot of stress that most people are not ready for especially immediately high school (Lehmann, 2009). Higher expense at the college level is a headache to many people including parents. In the United States, the cost of college per year is approximate $16,000. This is an additional cost after the high school costs that go around $30,000 to $40,000. The education costs have increased and are continuing to increase with time (Stern, 2015). Therefore, most people have found the alternative to the answer that they have been looking for many years in the trade schools. Going through the college system requires a lot of resources especially money. As Stern (2015) reports the cost of going through the college system is much more than going to trade school. Therefore, it will force the parents to take another option that might be borrowing a loan that sometimes might not be readily available. Again, waiting after graduating from high school while still looking for money that sometimes cannot be found; therefore, most people prefer to take the option that is readily available like going to trade school.

Going to a trade school is easier because it does not take time as going to college (Tsurumi & Shunsuke, 2014). With the reduced mortality rate, people prefer to find something that does not consume almost half of their life doing before they get their means of getting income. Going to through the four-year system again after high school might be tiresome than the two years in trade school. Attaining a bachelor degree in college will require one to be patient for another four years. The length of going through college education is longer and can significantly discourage people from going to college and prefer to go to a trade school. Additionally, in the modern society going to college does not guarantee someone a ready job because many people are graduating from colleges with the same qualifications (Tsurumi & Shunsuke, 2014). However, there are no jobs that can match the growing number of graduates that get out of colleges every year. After the four years is when someone comes to look for a job; something that can even take another year or two. As compared to a trade school that offers someone an extra two years after graduating from trade school even if there is no ready job available. Again, going to college requires one to take more courses so as to meet the credit requirements. This is different from the trade school education in which one does not need to take extra courses so as to meet a certain threshold.

Not everyone can get the expensive education that most institutions offer (Stern, 2015). In the modern society, getting a quality education implies that one has to be ready to pay more. However, some people cannot be able to meet the expensive cost that goes with the quality education. With the poor economic condition, trade school can be a better option or a chance that someone from a poor background can go through to get a means of income.

Trade schools offer someone a better chance to secure a job at an early stage as compared to going through the four years system in college (Jose-Luis, 2014). Trade school graduates do not stay struggling to find a job because they readily have their skills that they need. Someone who has undergone through the trade school needs capital to establish his/her business. Therefore, he/she can get a loan from the bank or nay other source and start a business that will be his/her responsibility to make it work. Therefore, going to trade schools offers the graduate a better job security than college that will take more than four years and someone cannot be sure about getting a job immediately after graduation.

Trade school is a better option especially for people who like to travel a lot. Trade school offers people a chance to visit new places and find new opportunities. It offers the students better chances of meeting things that they have not visited (Jose-Luis, 2014). Again, it offers the students a better chance to engage with the community than other jobs that demanding. Trade school is flexible and fits many peoples needs and desires. Therefore, it is the best chance that many people can take especially if someone wants to be his/her boss. The earning for someone who has undergone through trade school cannot be able to compare with someone who has gone to college (Lehmann, 2009). Most people who go to trade school find more opportunities to get more income than a person who has gone through college. Therefore, going to trade school is advantageous not because it is cheap or takes few years but because it gives a person more opportunities to earn more.

In conclusion, the decision to go college or trade school is something that remains with most parents. Since every parent likes to give their children the best education that is there, they prefer their children to go to colleges without giving them a chance to make the choice. However, there are parents that think that if they cannot afford the college expense, then there is no option again for the child. Trade school is a better option that offers everyone education. Therefore, the government and other stakeholders in education should promote trade school institutions because it offers many people who cannot get the better education a chance to get an education as well.

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